Why do millennials and startups prefer coworking spaces? Here are 4 reasons why.


Traditional office space and work culture is no longer the millennials’ ideal place to work. Typically, the old workplaces should now be making way for desired modern work culture that is more suited to their preference. These days the shared workspaces, or co-working spaces, are ideal for the millennials’ preferences. Co-working spaces are becoming increasingly popular with them, and the culture is slowly shifting and changing. The new entrepreneurs and start-ups have a new definition of their work processes where they can work in their comfort with flexibility, and in locations where they can get to meet professionals from different businesses and build a network.

Let’s see why millennials love coworking spaces:

1. Opportunities to network.

As dozens of people work in plug-and-play offices, networking is easier. Different employees with different experiences and cultural backgrounds occupy the same location, and these demographics will be changing as and when the requirement of a company changes. When you take up a shared office space for rent, you get to meet new people and collaborate with individuals, which can prove advantageous to the millennials looking to expand their professional network.

2. Cost-efficient.

Getting a full office can be more expensive than getting a desk in a shared office space. Purchasing or renting a traditional office could cost tremendously for new businesses and leasing a space will also cost more than having a space in a fully furnished office space, and that too in a premier business hub. One of the most common reasons why millennials choose coworking over conventional, independent offices is because of the cost advantage.

3. Peace of mind.

In a coworking space Hyderabad, administrative tasks such as cleaning and maintenance are taken care of by the coworking company’s owner. What’s more, you can also get world-class amenities such as audio-video equipped conference rooms, CCTV surveillance, restricted access, free tea/ coffee and much more with either free or on a nominal charge. This is one of the reasons why millennials prefer renting over owning a workspace.

4. Hybrid office culture.

The company culture that strikes a balance between work and personal life is very important for the new generation. Co-working spaces not just provide a comfortable zone, furniture, and comfort level. They are open 24×7 and one can easily have an arrangement whereby one works out of office only for a couple of days. Also, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your office space according to your team size.

In a nutshell

If you are also a millennial or support the millennial work culture, then shared office space is best suited for you. To have a freedom-based working culture that supports your specific business needs, you can book your coworking office space at a reputed workspace provider with community and member benefits such as iKeva.

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