Former WWE 24/7 Champion Reggie

Reggie WWE

Reggie CSS0_ Reggie an experienced acrobat who was signed by the company in 2020 with the title Reginald. Following his humble beginnings as Carmella’s French Sommelier, he went into forming short-term partnerships with stars like Sasha Banks, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, among others.

His name was later shortened in the end to Reggie He was then given the opportunity to show off his acrobatic talents through the RAW brand, as well as compete for the 24-hour Championship. Reggie was to come into his own feuds between Drake Maverick, Cedric Alexander as well as Akira Tozawa, Reggie would later develop an intimate relationship to Dana Brooke, becoming a fan when he helped Dana to win the title of the 24/7 Champion. They would eventually get married (in the storyline) but divorced after Reggie left his wife and attempted to snatch the title from her.

Following an angle Reggie went missing from TV and hasn’t appeared since May 2022. Reggie has been absent from action because of a lack of storylines or creative ideas.

Once Reggie came out as Scrypts, he appeared on WWE NXT

The Masked Man, an ex- Reggie who was on the roster of mains, took on Guru Raaj in his debut match. He won through a molly-go round. Following the match the player pulled out a piece of paper with his name on it , and put it in Raaj’s chest.

Reggie hasn’t appeared at all on WWE TV since 5th edition of September of Main Event, where he fell to Shelton Benjamin. He was a Former WWE 24 hours a day Champion, Reggie hasn’t been seen on TV much since Triple H was named the head of creative following Vince McMahon’s resignation from his company in July.

Recently, promotional ads have been aired on NXT featuring a character who has an unidentified voice telling his WWE Performance Center via answering machine that he would be arriving. The week before, a promo was shown that said he been through security and would be there in the next week’s show to “play an unintentional game”.

Reggie Reveals Tragic Reason He Stopped Watching WWE As A Kid

On the 29th of January, the WWE will stage the 2022 Royal Rumble at The Dome in the America’s Center in St. Louis, Missouri, making the event a homecoming event for WWE superstar Reggie. Former WWE 24/7 Champion was raised at home in St. Louis after being born in Memphis, Tennessee, and the Rumble will be the first time he’s wrestled in his home town.

An interview was conducted by the St. Louis Post Dispatch to advertise the Royal Rumble, Reggie detailed the roots of his passion for wrestling which began with watching wrestlers with his uncle who passed away. In discussing the PPV, Reggie said coming back to taking part in the sport with his family in St. Louis and being an influential influence in the process will help make the dream that comes true.

“We were able to catch “Monday Night Raw” as well as “SmackDown” on TV as well, and that was something I watched with my dad,” Reggie said. “We had the sole two people in our family watching wrestling. And he was extremely popular within the area. He was among the most powerful drug dealers and was one of the most famous people in the area.

“And you know, being a fan growing up it wasn’t an easy task. You were criticized for being a wrestler however I thought it was cool since some of the most cool men living in our area was watching wrestling with me. And it was my uncle. After that, I stopped watching the sport after when he was shot and killed.

“Every every time that I saw it on TV, I was thinking about the actor. I shut down the show. Then I return to be a positive influence, an example to many of my fellow citizens as I am a WWE superstar. There are those who haven’t been watching wrestling when they were kids and are tuning in this moment because the person they grew up with is featured on the show. I’ve performed in a variety of show-jumping at St. Louis, but this one is special in that it’s one of my first ideas I ever made for myself. This is going to be an incredible show.”