Treatment Of Medical Emergencies Like Burns Bites And Rashes

Treatment Of Medical Emergencies Like Burns Bites And Rashes
Treatment Of Medical Emergencies Like Burns Bites And Rashes

It is always helpful to know at least the basic first aid so that you can treat problems like burns. Rashes and bites when they occur. However, there are a number of instances when home remedies are not enough and it is necessary to get professional medical treatment for the problem immediately. Here are ways to treat these problems so that the person can heal quickly and properly.

How do you Treatment a Burn?

There are three ‘degrees’ of burns that you should be aware about. A first degree burn is one that only affects the topmost layer of the skin. In this case, your skin will probably turn pink in that area and you may start to see a blister form over there. For a first degree burn, creams that contain aloe or antibiotics can help reduce the burning sensation and make it heal faster.
A second degree burn is one where the first and second layer of the skin gets affected. In this case, the skin will be shiny and red in the area that has been burned. A third degree burn is even worse and there are times when the skin is completely burnt off and the bone can be seen. In second and third degree burns, it is necessary to get medical attention immediately so that it can be treated properly.

How do you Treatment a Bite?

There is no home treatment for a bite. Whether you or a loved one has been bitten by a snake, an insect or an animal, it is necessary to get medical attention immediately. Of course, this does not mean that you have to rush to the emergency room if you have been bitten by a regular mosquito. But for any kind of bite that forms an unnatural swelling or if it has taken off any part of the skin, you should get it checked immediately so that any poison can get contained as quickly as possible.

How do you Treatment a Rash?

Rashes can be caused by a number of irritants like detergents, plant pollen, etc. If any of these irritants come in contact with the skin, the skin may start to itch and a rash may be seen. Rashes may occur as a one-time ordeal or they may reappear from time to time. If you suspect that the rash is caused due to an allergy, it is recommended that you visit a doctor so that an anti-allergen can be administered. If it is just a simple rash then you can also try treating it as home first by removing the irritant and then applying ointments on the rash to soothe the itching feeling.

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