Why E-A-T Is Important For SEO?

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First of all, it is good to clear the fact that SEO is the most profitable investment for any business model. The world is going digital these days. Companies are investing in digital media, thus transforming the conventional marketing methods to boost sales. Hence, it is vital to evolve with change.

To become more competitive and widely available to your target audience, your business needs to be listed on the top search results. To be ranked on top, SEO is required. SEO is not a short term advertising tool that helps improve your website’s presence on search engines for a time being, instead, it a long-term ranking system. It helps businesses to get more web traffic, numerous leads, and profitable conversions. However, it is essential to understand and stay ahead in this digital marketing.

Time & Resources

Google is continuously investing its time and resources to provide better, qualitative, and accurate search results to its users. Regular revisions have been made by Google to enhance the search and web experience. This is also studied by all webmasters to enhance their websites to meet the latest Google requirements to attain their business objectives.

Similarly, in 2014 Google introduced the E-A-T factor for all SEO experts. However, after numerous revisions, it finally grabbed the public attention in late 2018. It is a 168 pages document listed in Google’s Search Quality Raters Guidelines that emphasize the importance of expert, authoritative, and trustworthy content.

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For instance, let us assume that you run a general physician clinic in Vancouver, Canada. You are looking to increase your service reach to the masses. For that, you are planning to develop a website and start a local SEO on that. To get the best results you will hire the best Vancouver SEO company to work for you. You will probably see an increased inflow of daily patients within months.

Google EAT

It is guaranteed that you would not be doing your company’s SEO as it is not your expertise. You are getting it outsourced from an expert service provider. However, here comes the Google E-A-T concept. For SEO every service provider needs a content writer. An expert who can write numerous articles on different topics related to the industry to get more links, views, and shares. Many SEO agencies hire or outsource content writers. A few of them are experts in what they are writing. This is what Google is not liking for web content.

Google E-A-T, emphasizes that the content on any website, specifically on YMYL websites should be written by the experts, with complete authority and a call to action to build trustworthiness.

What is a YMYL Website

YMYL websites are those websites that provide such content that can hamper the lives of the people whether it is a matter of health, happiness, finance, or safety. For example, a person looking for the best acne treatment cream should be provided with dermatologist’s approved content, rather than a marketer who is writing solely to market its new cream.

The content on such websites should not be published by freelancers who have little know-how on the subject. Instead, it should be written by the industry’s experts with proper recommendations and full authority to guarantee results.

Therefore, if you are planning to conduct an SEO on your physician website, you should provide the written content for SEO purposes. This area covers the essence of expert content regarding the Google search algorithm.

Authority in Field

Furthermore, to cover authority and trustworthiness, content should be shared by a medical supervisor or someone related to the medical field that authorizes the entire web content. It helps in increasing the trust of the visitor on your website as well. If the content is written by a medical writer, shared with proper credentials, and on the same industry’s website, it boosts the page quality.

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Nowadays, more and more content is available online that is copied from various sources and shared on different websites. Due to this, Google is planning to incorporate the E-A-T factor as a major ranking tool as well that will help improve your website’s SEO practice.

There are still ways that SEO companies in Vancouver, Canada can adapt to improve your page quality,

  • Hire expert writers
  • Share their credentials
  • Reviews and testimonials
  • content on related websites
  • Get more links
  • Design a contact page

All of this involves SEO expertise along with professional writing. Sharing content on different websites, getting relevant backlinks and mentions are tasks to be conducted by an SEO expert. Hence, it can be stated that only medical writing is not recommended to boost your web page quality. What matters the most is, what your viewers are getting from your website. If your web page is up to date, backed up with credentials, supported by expert’s reviews, and have a call to action at the end to ask for more assistance, then your clinic will beat the local SEO market to get more leads.