4 Best Torrent Sites This 2021


Are you fed up with checking spammy websites and wading through never-ending pop-ups on your search for the best torrent websites? The use of torrent websites has increased after the introduction of a paid version of all the major OTT and gaming platforms. Most uses look for access to platforms where they can watch newly released movies and shows or play games they would have otherwise paid.

Torrenting isn’t itself illegal, but it’s a concern when users download unsanctioned copyrighted content. You apparently know which area of the internet you should access and which not.

There are a lot of torrent sites available, but not all of them are reliable. Thus, below listed our few torrent websites which we personally recommend based on our usability and experience:

1.The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay is still among the most popular torrent sites, with the variety of TV shows, movies and other content available on the platform. The interface of the site is user friendly and does not disrupt the experience with incessant ads. Unlike other websites, it has VIP/Trusted user tags that let you know which torrents are legal and safe.


If you are searching for a torrent website where you can watch 4k movies and all the new releases, RARBG has to be on your list. RARBG isn’t a new name but existed for years now and had has recognition among the top torrent websites. The website creates a better user experience with top features that make it easy to search and watch online content. Unfortunately, RARBG is banned in many countries, but having a VPN connection is the solution to access it.


The website has a seamless browsing feature that allows you to search for everything in a more organized, simple and interactive manner. The site recently went through a major overhaul, overcoming all the security concerns faced by the users. The sleazy ads on the website are hard to escape; hence we don’t recommend using these websites for professional purposes.


With an average download speed of 4.4 MB/s, the torrent website specializes in quality content for both audio and video. The site is a one-stop solution if you are looking to access high-quality anime episodes or reading material.


The above-listed torrent sites can are highly reliable, but having a VPN installed before accessing these sites provided add an extra layer of privacy.Best Torrent