4 Tips To Guarantee Your Content Connects With Your Customers

your content connects with your customers

The content on your website or social media feeds isnot just there to fill in empty spaces – it has a function. The function of this content is to help your potential customers make a buying decision in your favor, and to ensure they keep coming back time and time again. With poor quality content this is much less likely, even if your products and services are good.

One of the best ways to use your content is to make it connect with your customers in some way. This will also make them feel ‘seen’ and they will know that buying from you will help them with whatever problem or question it is they have. With this in mind, read on to find out how to guarantee your content connects with your customers.

Write For The Target Audience

When you create content for your site or wider social media accounts, one of your main aims should be to make the customer feel special. The best way to achieve this and ensure your content connects with your customers is to think of those customers as individual people rather than a mass group. Determine the buying persona of the people you are selling to through market research and keep that persona in your mind when you are creating content.

When you are able to do this, the customer will feel as though you are listening to their specific concerns, and they will know that you are taking their issues, whatever they might be, seriously. That will, ideally, lead them to understand how much your product or services could help them. In other words, donot write content for the mass market, and donot try a ‘one size fits all’ approach; your customers are individuals and need to be treated as such.

Do Not Sell

Surely the idea of not selling through your content is a bad idea? Isn’t that what your content is designed to do? The answer is yes; your content should be a sales tool. However, it shouldnot be an obvious one, and this is the difference. When you are more subtle, you will much more easily connect with your customers.

No one likes being directly sold to. It is uncomfortable, embarrassing even, and it will not often lead to a sale. Customers are much more savvy these days, and the idea that a salesperson could simply list off all the benefits of buying this product or that service just isnot enough. Instead, the content needs to be educational, entertaining, and interesting. It needs to talk about problems and solving them. It needs to tell a story. At the end you might add a quick call to action, letting customers know that if they understand the issues you have written about and want a solution they can get in touch, but otherwise, no selling. The customer should be able to make up their own mind, and if your content gently pushes them in the right direction then it has done a good job.

Try Face-To-Face Interactions

The written word is an excellent tool when it comes to connecting with your customers, but there is nothing quite like face-to-face interactions. Of course, if you are running an online business or you sell to customers all over the world, being able to communicate in this way isnot always possible, but there is a way it can be done that combines your content with a real person.

The use of video is becoming more and more widespread, and you will see it on many different websites, blogs, and social media channels. Videos are easy to watch, easy to share, and easy to connect with; after all, you are looking at an actual person who is giving you plenty of good information about whatever it is you need help with.

Not only will a video give you more chance to engage with your customers, but you can make sure the information you give is accurate and understood. One of the issues with relying on the written word is that, without the right context, those words can be misconstrued. When you create a video, that will not be the case. Plus, videos are great in terms of SEO because they keep people on your site for longer. So next time you want to guarantee your content connects with your customers, make a short explainer video and you should see both visitor numbers and sales rise.

Ask Questions

If you want to guarantee a connection between your customers and your content, you should ask questions. As soon as you ask a question, you are opening your content up to be engaged with, and that is crucial. The more engagement you have, the better. Other potential customers will see that you are interacting with your audience and they will feel more confident in buying from you.

On top of this, by asking questions that you genuinely want to know the answers to, you can use those answers in your next marketing idea. This will help you to grow while also ensuring your content connects with your customers.