4 Ways To Prepare and Store Your Outdoor Furniture for Winter


Almost all countries closed their borders to prohibit foreigners from entering. It is implemented by the government to prevent another surge of COVID cases. As a result, you are now spending almost the entire day in the four corners of your house. If you have a patio, consider yourself privileged because you can stay outside during summer without worrying about becoming infected by the unknown and unseen virus. You probably take advantage of the available outdoor space to experience fresh air and enjoy drinking a cup of coffee with a great view of your surroundings. Wazo Furniture

Having a comfortable and fun extension of your home entails that you must invest in wazo furniture pieces and outdoor decorative items. However, you would have to prepare them for winter as this season means a lot of snow, ice, and slushy rain into your patio, porch, or balcony that will lead to damages and visible signs of wear and tear.

When this happens, you will need to invest in costly new patio furniture.

1.  Inspect the outdoor furniture

Before anything else, you have to conduct an inspection of your furniture made from upholstery fabrics. make sure that it does not have any damages that are beyond repair and stains that you can no longer remove. If you find out that the upholstery fabrics of the furniture pieces are filled with stains and dust, make sure to clean them first before storing them for the winter. You have a lot of upholstery cleaners to choose from which vary in price and effectiveness. If the outdoor furniture is broken but there is still a possibility of restoring its condition, then you may try repairing it or bringing it to a professional.

1.  Clean your outdoor furniture

After the inspection process, you will have to clean the upholstery fabrics of your furniture pieces before storing them in one of the rooms in your house. You should wipe the upholstery fabrics with a soft and clean cloth. Additionally, you have to remove the stains using chemical products available in the market. If your outdoor furniture items are made entirely of wood without any upholstery fabrics, then you may treat it with furniture oil to prevent the material from splitting caused by the low temperature.

2.  Store the outdoor furniture

After inspecting and cleaning the outdoor furniture pieces, now is the time to store them. You may disassemble or collapse them if their features permit you to do so because it makes storing less taxing and more efficient. It also saves a lot of the available space in the storage area. After doing this, you have to place a protective cover such as upholstery fabrics or plastic materials, to save them from moisture and insect invasion. During the entire winter season, it is recommended that all of your outdoor furniture pieces will be stored in a dry and safe location. Additionally, it must have a flat floor and avoid stacking them on top of each other because it will potentially lead to damages.

3.  Anchor your outdoor furniture

The best way to protect your outdoor furniture pieces and upholstery fabrics from the effects of unfavorable weather conditions is to store them in a shed or garage. However, not every homeowner has spare space to accommodate them. What you may do is anchor them down to prevent them from being blown away due to the strong winds brought by the winter season. There are many ways on how you can keep your furniture and upholstery fabrics in place. It includes planting a windbreak that will serve as a wind barrier that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Another way is to use heavy-duty furniture covers that can withstand adverse conditions.

In a Nutshell

If you have a patio and outdoor furniture pieces, you are surely affected by all the winds and snow that come with the winter season. The ways listed above can help you prepare and store your pieces of furniture properly. It is better to perform safety and precautionary measures rather than ending up with damaged and broken outdoor chairs, tables, and decorations. So follow them now before the elements of weather destroy your patio setup!

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