5 Best Motherboards For i7 8700k in 2022 – Reviewed


Looking for the finest motherboard for the i7 8700k, you need to keep in check all the various options of the motherboard available at present. Nowadays everyone wants the finest motherboard but have you ever wondered why the motherboard is that important for a PC? Let us tell you that the right piece of the motherboard is helping your computer system to take all the benefits, grasping every bit of power from it and improving its performance.

Other than that, the right motherboard gives you the advantage of overclocking which means adjusting your computer settings to enhance your PC performance. This will be helping your computer in giving its 100% benefits.

After our research, we will surely help you in getting to the final decision for the right motherboard which is compatible with your CPU and gives you better performance. That’s why we decided to search for the top motherboards for i7-8700k which are currently available in the market. So without wasting the time, let’s go ahead with this article to find the perfect motherboard that suits your PC as well as fulfills your requirements.

Top 5 Motherboards For i7 8700k

Following are the names of the best motherboard for i7-8700k  which are suitable for your CPU.

1.  ASUS ROG Strix Z370-E

Asus ROG Strix Z370-E uses wireless technology and it has a cooling pad that gives you the facility to keep cool and give protection to all the parts of the motherboard while playing the intense gaming. If you want to have a great experience during the game or play a high-definition video, you should go with this motherboard.

Asus ROG Strix Z370-E is the new version that gives you the foremost features which are in the trend right now. It gives you better efficiency and overclocking features with advanced features and inbuilt WiFi.


●             For the 8th generation of Intel Core Processors, Its designs are exclusive to maximize speed and connectivity with Gigabit LAN, Dual M.2, 802.11ac Wi-Fi, USB 3.1, & Intel Optane Memory compatibility.

●             It has a ROG exclusive SupremeFX S1220A CODEC which is derived from Japanese capacitors and a dual headphone amplifier that helps in Industry-leading 8 Channel Hd audio.

●             It has two patent-pending slots which integrate metal framing for holding the heavyweight.


●             LGA 1151 CPU Socket

●             Used for Gaming Console

●             DDR4 Memory

●             1 HDMI ports

●             8th generation of Intel Core Processor

●             4 Memory Slots


●             Overclocking

●             Advanced Software

●             Excellent efficiency and regulations

●             Inbuilt WiFi

●             Comes with various color options like white, Black, & Gray


●             Expensive

2.  MSI Z390-A PRO

The MSI Z390-A PRO is the best option to choose because you get so many reasons to buy this. First of all, it supports almost all the generations of intel core processors like the 5th, 7th, 8th, and 9th generations. It also supports dual-channel DDR4 memory which is up to 4400 MHz.

The MSI Z390-A PRO is compatible with Windows 10 Operating System. It has a Socket that gives you the permissions to use it with i7 8700k. If you want to overclock, its auto-tuning feature is going to help you to do that. This motherboard will also save your time and work. You are not gonna regret purchasing this recommendation.


●     The interface of PCI-E gen3 x4 and Turbo M.2 helps in maximizes performance for NVME SSDS

●             It is made for reliable function. It is a very trustworthy motherboard. You never face any disappointment with this motherboard once you purchase it.

●     It Supports i7-9700K, 9th i9-9900K, i5-9600K, and 8th Generation of  Intel Core/processors for LGA 1151 chipset.

●     Moreover, It has Intel Turbo USB 3.1 gen2 automated by an intel USB 3.1 gen2 controller, turbo USB which assures an uninterrupted connection with more strength and stability and also provides the fastest USB speeds.

●             It supports two-way AMD crossfire due to Multi-GPU which is built with steel armor PCI-e slots.

●      The MSI Z390-A pro has an extended heatsink design which is made up of MSI extended PWM that improves circuit design and provides even high-end processors to run at full speed.


●             CPU socket – LGA 1151

●             Compatible with gaming consoles and personal computers with Windows 10 OS.

●             DDR4 Ram Memory with 4400 MHz memory speed

●             CPU Model – Pentium

●             Suitable Processors – 8th Generation Intel Core Processors, 9th Generation Intel Core Processors, Intel Celeron, Intel Pentium Gold processors


●             Auto Tuning Features

●             Lot of 16 x PCIe Ports

●             Amazing BIOS( Basic Inputs/Outputs System)


●             The M2 screw is tough to discover.

3.  Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 7 Motherboard

The Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 7 Motherboard comes with incredible features which provide a very good experience for hardcore gamers. This motherboard is designed with CPU power which enables the highest power services. The user can customize RGB lighting as well as play with VR-ready motherboards. If you purchase this motherboard for your i7 8700k processor, you won’t be disappointed.

This motherboard has high compatibility with GPU which connects it with the SLI technology along with the crossfire.


●             The Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming Motherboard supports the 8th generation of Intel core processors.

●             It has USB type-C along with USB 3.1 Gen2.

●             This also helps 64-bit Windows 10 OS.


●             CPU Socket – 1151

●             DDR4 Ram Memory

●             Chipset Type- Intel Z370 with 2400 MHz

●             64 GB memory Storage


●             Impressive and Appealing to the users

●             Good quality of audio.

●             Supports SLI Modules and Crossfire

●             Customizable RGB lighting


●             Efficiency is dependable on Overclocking which is not good

●             A bit expensive

4.  ASRock Z370 Extreme4

The ASRock Z370 Extreme4 handles high overclocking because it is a very powerful processor. It has a chipset heat sink, PCIe slots, and lighting on the Input/Output cover. It supports 2400MHz of memory speed by overclocking due to its DIMM slots on the motherboard. Its Memory storage is up to 128GB which you can get by using 32GB modules. It has three 16 x PCIe slots, and two PCIe slots x 1. Also, this motherboard has eight SATA 3 ports and 1 M.2 slots for storage.


●     It is equipped with ASRock USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-A port and ASRock USB 3.1 Gen2 Type-C port which gives you the 10GB/s speed while you transfer something.

●     It supports 8th generation Intel Core processors with socket LGA 1151 which is the latest socket and good for the gamer.

●     This motherboard has 4 x DDR4 DIMM Slots and also supports HDMI with max


●             Intel Z370 Chipset

●             2400MHz memory speed

●             LGA 1151 CPU Socket

●             ATX Form Factor

●             DDR4 RAM Memory

●             2400 MHz Memory speed

●             PCI – E Graphics Card

●             4 Memory Slots

●             Used for Personal Computer

●             Compatible with Intel Core Processor 8th Generation


●             Incredible Performance

●             RGB Lighting

●             Overclocking Capacity


●             Big Overclocks need more voltage.

●             No Error code Readout

5.  ASUS TUF Z390- Plus Gaming

The ASUS TUF Z390-Plus Gaming is the most outstanding motherboard which is used with Intel i7 8700k. It assures an enhanced speedy functioning of Intel 8700k. This motherboard is developed with military-grade parts which keep your motherboard working with a steady power supply. This motherboard is made with TUF capacitors which offer temperature tolerance. Moreover, even ASUS Brand is also making the best X570 motherboard in the market


●             This motherboard protects from an impulsive power overflow due to its TUF LANGuard technology.

●             It has Safe slot protection which keeps your Graphics card safe and secured with the help of strengthening metal.

●             The Asus TUF Z390 is embedded with the Fan Xpert 4 software which helps you to handle the speed of the fan of the motherboard.

●             Also, it has multiple sensors to control the speed of the fan and keeps the system parts cool.


●             ATX Form Factor

●             LGA 1151 socket

●             Chipset – Z390

●             1000MHz memory speed

●             Compatible with personal computer

●             DDR4 RAM

●             PCI e Express X4 Graphics Card


●             TUF LANGuard Technology

●             Fan Xpert 4 software

●             Safe Slots are available.

●             Multiple sensors


●             The WiFi connection is slow.

●             Not fit for hardcore gamers due to its bad performance


Searching for the best motherboard for i7-8700k processor is not an easy task especially when there are tons of options available on the market. We have provided the top 5 motherboards which fit your Intel i7 8700k and are suitable for your requirements. We expect that from this article you will find your best purchase now.