5 Effective Ways to Become a Better Tutor


The role of a tutor is to help students understand the material and learn the process of problem-solving while building their knowledge and confidence. A tutor can influence a group of students and make a big difference in their academic lives.

But, whether you’re a seasoned tutor or someone new to the world of tutoring, there’s always room to improve. Every student is different and learns better through different styles of teaching.

Here are five ways you can refine your skills and improve yourself as a tutor.

Learn New Ways of Teaching

Developments in education aren’t uncommon and taking the best from new teaching styles is key to becoming an excellent tutor. Incorporating new teaching methods into your tutoring sessions might not be easy at first, but trying new things can benefit your students significantly.

One of the new methods that has shown great potential is Spaced Learning. This method involves a 50-minute system with three 10-minute learning sessions divided by two 10-minute breaks where students perform physical activities. 

Cater to Your Students’ Learning Styles

Each student has their own way of learning and preparing the material. Catering specifically to their styles can enhance their learning abilities. For instance, many students like to be prepared before a session and prefer to have access to the material beforehand so they can go through it. 

While other students might learn better by applying what they’ve learned in the real world and prefer getting assignments to practice what they’ve learned that day.

Be Patient with Your Students

Not all students are able to grasp new concepts and ideas at the same pace. Try to create a nonjudgmental environment where students aren’t afraid to ask questions. If you find yourself having to repeat the same lesson multiple times, try to explain it using different perspectives.

If you think your students are having trouble retaining information, you could also try teaching memory retention techniques like using visual cues, creating mnemonics, or making associations.

Use Tech to Your Advantage

We all know kids these days use their phones and computers for a lot longer than they should. As a tutor, you need to figure out how to incorporate technology into your teaching sessions so your students don’t waste too much time on their devices.

There are hundreds of quality learning apps for any subject you can think of. Introducing a few helpful apps will definitely aid your students in their learning. You can even teach through online tutoring for the students that live too far or prefer to study in the comfort of their homes.

Create a Personal Connection

Everyone remembers that one teacher that changed their life, inspired them, or gave them the push they needed to choose the right course for them. You were able to have that connection with them because they understood your circumstances, challenges, and goals.

Taking an interest in your student’s life and taking the time to be personal with them can significantly change the impact you have on them. This can also inspire them to become more academic.