5 Incredible Benefits Of Installing Sliding And Folding Glass Doors


While shortlisting the best doors for our homes, we typically consider sliding or folding doors. But how many times do we integrate sliding doors with folding ones? Enter sliding and folding doors, the two-in-one solutions with the added benefits of both these types of doors!

Ever noticed those quintessential, old-fashioned doors that can be neatly folded to the corner as well as slid to the side? These sliding folding doors are often installed to separate the main living-rooms of homes from their patios or balconies. Today, slide and fold doors have attained widespread popularity in residential as well as commercial milieus. 

Here are some significant benefits of installing these aluminium doors at your home or workplace:

1. Slide Plus Fold = Double Sturdiness

Since sliding folding doors consist of dual properties, they are much sturdier than mere sliding or folding doors. Consequently, they are more long-lasting and resilient to harsh weather conditions like wind and rain. These doors are perfect choices in regions that experience weather extremities in the form of storms and floods.

2. Welcoming Noise-Free Indoor Spaces

Owing to their density, aluminium sliding folding doors facilitate optimal noise cancellation, thus being well-suited to buildings situated in bustling neighbourhoods. Therefore, whether you have a client meeting scheduled or a quiet evening planned with your loved ones, these doors are sure to prevent external noises from seeping into your room!

3. Air and Water-Tightness

How many times have you been in rooms where you wished the wind wouldn’t blow this fiercely, or the rainwater could be curtailed from inundating inside the room? With slide and fold doors, you may rest assured as the doors take care of both these aspects! Superior-quality aluminium sliding folding doors are thoroughly tested for their air- and water-tightness levels, ensuring optimal control of the inflow of air and water through these doors.

4. Adequate Insulation at All Times

A well-insulated room ensures that the occupants enjoy the ‘bright’ side of every season while never having to bear the brunt of their repercussions. Sliding folding doors facilitate adequate insulation in the rooms regardless of the weather conditions outside. For instance, during the summer’s peak, they prevent excessive heat from permeating the room, while during winters, they allow more sunlight to seep in.

5. Towards an Energy-Efficient World

In today’s world of population explosion, energy conservation is more significant than ever before. As a result of its insulation properties, sliding folding doors facilitate adequate heating and cooling of the room depending on the environmental conditions. This factor ensures that the occupants of a room feel warm and cosy even during the heights of winters and, conversely, feel the cool air even on the most humid days.


Sliding folding doors have always been the preferred choices for wider indoor spaces and sprawling halls. They often act as sturdy barriers separating rooms from extended spaces such as lobbies, balconies and patios. The perfectly crafted aluminium sliding folding doors by TOSTEM part of LIXIL provide one with sufficient security and comfort and are easy on the pocket!