5 Things to Think About Before Starting a Bathroom Renovation


The convenience of a bathroom for both residents and visitors is priceless. It’s meant to make you feel cosy, at ease, and secure. To get the most out of your bathroom, you should always keep it in good shape. You shouldn’t redesign your bathroom just to change things around. A few key considerations can help you acquire the most incredible bathroom possible for your home.

The construction cost has reportedly increased dramatically due to the pandemic, unemployment, supply chain issues, etc. The average cost of bathroom renovations in Perth is close to $30,000. Therefore, any article claiming that it can be done for less than that amount is either out of date, has taken some shortcuts, or is quoting prices from a different region of the country. Thus, going to several bathroom retailers in Perth is crucial before beginning your improvements.

How Many People are Going to Use the Bathroom?

If just one bathroom is available at your home in Rockingham, Fremantle, or Joondalup, plan accordingly for peak bathroom usage times and the number of people who need to use it. A dual sink layout is essential if your family of four has to squeeze into the bathroom to brush their teeth simultaneously or if you and your partner enjoy getting ready for work in front of the mirror together. It is also important to have a designated place for everyone to keep their amenities.

How Long Do You Intend to Stay in the House?

Thinking about how long you’ll be staying in the house in Osborne Park, Caversham, or High Wycombe before starting any major bathroom renovations in Perth is essential. If you plan on staying in the house for decades, it should be remodelled with longevity and scalability in mind. Renovations like new fixtures and flooring can enhance the asking price and the speed with which a home can be sold if you want to resell it shortly.

Build with Usability in Mind

Installing accessible features like handheld showers and lever-handle sink faucets is a good idea for homes in Welshpool, Morley, and Willetton with occupants of varying ages and physical abilities. Though, it’s best to plan long-term additions. Installing grab bars between wall studs at 33 to 36 inches is recommended. Some other accessibility features are a low-threshold sink, an enormous doorway, and a barrier-free shower.

Mirrors and Lights

In the bathroom, you spend a lot of time preening, applying cosmetics, and shaving, so having plenty of mirrors and good lighting is essential. Try installing track lighting along the ceiling to make the space more open. Also, don’t forget to install illumination in the bathroom’s shower. Big, well-lit mirrors are a must if you want to feel confident in your appearance.

Secret Compartments are Essential for Storing

Make use of ingenious storage options to conceal your many personal items. Every household member will appreciate their own personal storage area, and everyone will appreciate having a place to keep the shared toiletries like the hair dryer, shampoo, and soap. The flat iron, facial steamer, and curling iron can all have their dedicated storage area, making them more manageable.

You don’t have to be a lone wolf regarding the crucial endeavour of bathroom renovations in Perth. A general contractor’s expertise can be invaluable for your home in Subiaco, Peppermint Grove, or Duncraig since they can often suggest methods to save money or find creative answers to problems.