5 Tips to Choose the Right Upright Freezer for Small Spaces


A freezer may seem like a simple gadget, as you only need to keep food cold enough, right? That’s not always the case when choosing the right freezer for small spaces. They come in different sizes, and you find many available features and additional factors to consider. Upright freezers provide better access to frozen items with horizontal opening doors and drawers that allow for a better internal organization. If you’re looking for an upright freezer for your small space, there are some essential factors you’ll need to consider. We discuss how you can choose an upright freezer for a small space.  

  1. Freezer Size

Consider a freezer size that will fit your household and your located space. Since freezers come in different sizes, know your space before purchasing. An upright freezer is usually easier to fit into the kitchen. Small freezers are space-saving and budget-friendly. Since the best freezer size depends on the size of your space, pick a freezer that can fit through the front door when it arrives.  

The freezer capacity ranges from 50L on the smaller end to over 300L on the larger end. Smaller spaces will need a freezer with 50 to 150 liters of storage space. This capacity can leave more room for warm air and allow the freezer to use more energy to maintain cool temperatures. Choose a freezer capacity depending on the volume of food you need to store.   

  1. Where You Will Put The Freezer 

Some upright freezers have particular temperature and humidity control functions, among other features. One of the most critical factors is where you will place the upright freezer. It will help determine the best model to pick. While all freezers are designed to reach 0 degrees Fahrenheit, the ability to do so consistently can be affected by the climate. 

The temperatures outside your upright freezer are essential to its functioning. You must consider ambient temperature if you plan to place your freezer in your garage. Look for a garage-ready freezer that can stand cold temperatures during the winter and warm temperatures during the summer without affecting your food. 

  1. Items You Want To Store 

The most significant appeal of upright freezers is that they make it easy to keep your food organized and easy to access. These freezers have a competent divider designed to make accessing items much more straightforward. However, knowing the things you will store inside an upright freezer is still essential and can help you narrow down the options. For example, a single glass door freezer is ideal for storing chilled beers, drinks, and some staple food items. Special compact wine coolers with glass doors will be suitable if you are catering to wine drinkers.  

Freezers are not as complex as refrigerators, as they have specific functions. Consider how long a freezer will keep items cold during a power outage to save you from soiled and smelly food. Another important aspect is the extra features since some freezers have additional features you may appreciate. Upright freezers are the perfect solution for busy retail or convenience stores looking to display many food items and beverages. 

  1. Manual vs. Automatic Defrosting 

Whenever a freezer develops a build-up of ice around the edges, its efficiency reduces unless you defrost. The freezer defrosting process is not fun, as you must remove everything and wait for the ice to melt. You then have to clean the freezer before putting everything in. Luckily, there is an automatic defrosting option on some upright freezers. 

The intended use of the freezer influences whether you buy a model with manual or automatic defrosting. Manual defrosting is ideal if you want to freeze food for long periods and defrost them as needed. A manual defrost freezer does not contain heating elements, reducing energy use. This freezer can use up to 40% less energy than an automatic defrosting model.  

An upright freezer with automatic defrosting works well if you open the freezer often and don’t want a build-up of frost on your frozen goods. This freezer model saves you the trouble of defrosting and is more convenient, though it is more prone to burn. 

  1. Cost 

The cost of an upright freezer is also essential when budgeting. Know your budget upfront and keep in mind how long-term costs can compare. Keep in mind shipping costs, which can be high unless you go with a vendor that offers free shipping. When deciding on energy-efficient models that cost more upfront than other options, the costs over time pay off.  

Upright modules usually cost more than just friends and use more energy. You should know that you’re paying a premium for convenience if you choose an upright freezer. Some useful features like an automatic defrost in an upright freezer cost more. This means a freezer with manual defrosting will come cheaper than one with automatic defrosting. Fortunately, the convenience of not having to deal with manual defrosting may be worth the difference.  

Bottom line 

An upright freezer is a popular choice among households because it saves space and looks like a traditional refrigerator. They are also famous for their convenience as they easily fit through a door. Getting an upright freezer can also provide enough storage capacity for shop owners. However, picking the right freezer is more complicated than finding something that will keep things cold. There are many options to consider, and it’ll take some time to determine the best model. This article has discussed tips when choosing the right upright freezer for small spaces.