6 Ways to Boost Your Emotional Health

Emotional Health

Every other person has its way of perceiving and responding to situations. General observations say that some people respond to situations emotionally while others don’t. Well, it’s their genes that create this difference and is responsible for their emotional health. 

Genetics is only one of the factors that makes a person sensitive. Other factors take in past experiences, social interactions and other situational reasons. All these things make the emotional health of a person crucial to the overall well being of a person.

Mental Health vs. Emotional Health

Most people think of emotional health as mental health but the two are quite different from each other. The mental health of a person deals with how a person’s brain understands and processes information. While emotional health takes in how well you can control and express your emotions. 

Why is Emotional Health Important?

A person’s physical health is closely associated with their emotional health. Some of the reasons why your emotional health is important to include;

  • Poor emotional health can result in a weakened immune system making you more susceptible to health problems such as ulcers, high blood pressure etc. 
  • A low self-esteem is the consequence of compromised emotional health due to the inability to control your thoughts, feelings and experiences.
  • If you are not well emotionally, this will ultimately drain your energy resulting in poor focus. 
  • Bad emotional health can affect your relationships to a greater extent as you are unable to communicate well and be empathetic towards others. This involves all your societal and personal relationships. 

A few months ago, I was attending a webinar on human interactions and mental health. Speaker was a renowned sex therapist in Rawalpindi who told that most of his patients are the sufferers either due to poor communication or bad emotional response. 

How to Boost your Emotional Health?

Well, poor emotional health is a common problem and involves hundreds of causes that vary from person to person. 

1- Be mindful of your emotions

The very first thing that could help you to deal with your emotional problem is being mindful of your emotions. No matter what particular emotion you are feeling, you need to embrace it and admit that you are going through it. Accepting your emotions and being aware of them can help you to deal with them. 

2- Choose an appropriate expression of your emotion

Many people suffering from emotional problems either tend to overexpress or under express their emotion. Remember both of these situations could be problematic and to deal with the emotional problems one needs to find an appropriate way to express their emotions. This applies to your positive and negative emotions. 

3- Find social support

Your social connections are the first thing you try to cut off while dealing with any emotional problem. Remember the same circle can help you for good. I remember my friend was suffering from a mental health problem and was getting treated at Wah international hospital in Rawalpindi. After a few months, he returned to find support from the people he initially left for convenience. 

4- Indulge yourself in physical activity 

Emotional health problems often come with anxiety and a bad mood and an effective way to deal with them is by practising some physical exercise. Engaging yourself in a form of physical activity can help you to improve your mood as well as improving your physical health. 

5- Be mindful of what you are putting in your body

We all can relate that our favourite foods automatically improve our mood. Well, you will be surprised to know that food intake increases the production of feel-good hormones in our body. 

However, many people tend to overeat or develop poor eating habits as a coping mechanism and this is what you should be careful about. Keeping an eye on what you are eating and consuming healthy foods can help to boost your mood and make emotional response problems more manageable. 

6- Set new goals 

When you indulge yourself in activities that will keep you motivated, you are less likely to experience emotional health issues. This is for sure one of the best ways to deal with emotional response problems and you can do this by being high on your dreams. Setting a new goal list and striving for them can improve your emotional response.  


The emotional health of a person is crucial for its overall well-being and depends upon many key factors. Practicing good nutrition to stay aware of what you are going through, all the above-mentioned ways can surely improve your emotional response. However, if your emotional health continues to suffer, immediately contacting a psychologist can be a good idea.