8 Things You Should Know About 4G POS Terminal


In this fast-paced digital world, there are multiple payment choices for consumers. Businesses are adapting to various emerging Point of Sales (POS) systems as well. These technological advances serve multi-purposes and are mostly mobile-driven. The reason being consumers are increasingly depending on mobile devices to make payments. 

There are several benefits of a 4G POS terminal for businesses and customers alike. A mobile-based Point of Sale solution is better and faster compared to other POS terminals. An android based POS machine is ideal for businesses that are always on the go and consists of features like scan QR code android payment system. 

Here are eight benefits that come with a mobile-based POS machine:

Inexpensive Hardware

The traditional and old versions of POS systems were bulky and heavy in size and cost. With the emergence of mobile payment and 4G POS terminals, It has become a cost-effective endeavour. The hardware required is either a tablet or a smartphone, and they are not just lighter in weight but cheaper in cost.  

Instead of investing in a massively expensive POS machine, getting an Android POS terminal for your business can save you a lot of money, which can be used to invest in other parts of the business. 

Multiple hardware and software options

A POS system best works with electronic devices that are Android or Windows OS compatible. You can choose from the list of various vendors in the market currently who offer POS solutions. 

You can also manage the sales transactions using the available mobile software solutions. However, you may need to research each one to get the best features or work with multiple devices and applications to match your business needs. 

Enhanced POS software integration 

A 4G POS terminal, an android-based solution, offers services beyond just point-of-sale, like receiving payments from customers. It also provides services like: 

  • Manage inventory and notify when products are out of stock. 
  • Collect customer behaviour data to help with market strategies. 
  • Create a sales analysis report
  • Offer employee management functions such as recording tips earned, hours worked, etc. 


Another advantage of having a light-weight 4G POS terminal is that it can be moved anywhere to better serve the customers. For instance, if you have a service-driven business, you can freely take the POS machine to your customers and perform sales transactions. 

When you think about the different management functions of the android POS system, portability is its vital function. You can move the POS device to anywhere in the store, collect data, and create specific reports. 

Improved customer interaction

Unlike the old POS system, a mobile POS machine ensures face-to-face interaction, improving customer experience. Facilities such as scan and pay offers enable customer engagement and build confidence. 

Using an Android-based POS terminal, cashiers and customers have a golden opportunity to interact. Businesses can improve customer satisfaction through communication. 

High-quality operating system

A mobile-based POS system’s operating system is designed and developed by Google, which guarantees quality and speed. Android platforms store personal details of customers and sales records without compromising on safety and security. 

Google makes very frequent updates in its operating system, and it will continue adapting to new changes to better serve customers. 


All 4G POS terminals come with an android POS system that scales and meets business requirements as and when your business grows or changes. Inventory management and data reporting tools may not be of any importance at the initial stages of your business, but it grows, they can be pretty valuable. 

Android POS terminal providers have different pricing plans. It would be wise to first get a POS machine with essential features that come with an affordable price, and as your business grows, you can choose to upgrade your POS system with additional features and functions. 

Data analysis

Millions of businesses are collecting data every day on customer preferences. They know the value of data and how it can generate revenue and create brand awareness. An android POS system offers multiple options to run data analysis and gather relevant information. 

One of the main benefits of a 4G POS terminal is that it helps businesses learn about their clients’ behaviour and then use it to create segment-specific marketing strategies to drive more revenues. 

In short

A 4G POS machine carries all of the old POS system’s functions and offers services beyond traditional POS systems’ capability. These digitally advanced POS machines are catapulting businesses to newer heights.