9 Easy Way to Keep Kitchen Germ Free For a Healthy Lifestyle

healthy lifestyle
healthy lifestyle

Did you recognize your piece of cloth is perhaps one amongst the foremost contaminated things in your home? A recent study showed that 134,000 bacteria can be lurking on each square inch. The room could be a parcel of land for microorganisms and germs. Your room and kitchen would possibly look neat and clean for a healthy lifestyle; however, any food schoolwork space is infamous for attracting micro-organisms that might cause food borne ill health. to stay your room clean and your family and guests healthy, follow these easy tips.

1 Wash Hand

Clean hands are essential to stop the unfold of germs and get a healthy lifestyle. Wash totally with hot, cleansing agent water before touching food and conjointly when handling meat, attending to the restroom, touching the bin, and touch pets. Encourage your kid to try and do identical. ensure you dry your hands well; wetness makes the unfold of germs additional probably. bactericide gels are nice at killing bacteria however as shortly as your clean hands bit one thing else, you aren’t protected any longer. you may wish to contemplate removing your rings too before handling food.

2 Clear Counter tops

You may love however your assortment of oil and small-batch vinegar appearance lined up next to the stove, or your mother’s vintage KitchenAid mixed mixer, however a lot of stuff you’ve got on your room countertops, the tougher it’s to scrub, and therefore the tougher it’s to scrub, the less seemingly you’re to try to to it totally. Keep solely the things and appliances you utilize all the time on the counter, and clean around, behind, and underneath them often.

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3 Immediate Clean After Cooking

After an extended day at work, creating dinner for your family, eating, and obtaining everything into the dishwasher, it’s simple to look at the stove covered with grease or pasta sauce or worse and assume, “That’s okay, I’ll wipe it up tomorrow.” the sole downside is, tomorrow is a similar story and pretty shortly, your stovetop is caked with a week’s value of sticky change of state residue attracting dirt and probably room flies or different undesirables. By the time you get around thereto, your stove can like a minimum of a decent 30-minute scrub down.

Don’t wait to scrub up your change of state mess—take 5 minutes and wipe down your stove with hot soap and water or a room improvement product. If you’ve spilled one thing, use a hot pad to get rid of the burner and clean beneath. Immediate cleaning is necessary to keep the kitchen germ free and a healthy lifestyle.

4 Replace Kitchen Cloth

Use different cloths for various jobs, akin to laundry up and wiping surfaces. Dirty damp cloths are a parcel of land for the bacterium, thus wash them often or use disposable cloths and replace them often. identical applies to tea towels.

5 Use Touch Less Faucet

If you observe than the sink is the dirtiest place in the kitchen. In kitchen sink when we wash dishes than we touch faucet with a dirty hand and due to this germ stay on the faucet. To keep faucet germ free and for healthy lifestyle touchless faucet is built. In touchless faucet, you don’t need to touch the faucet to turn the water on or off. Its sensor does your work of water flowing. People prefer to install a touchless faucet in the kitchen for germ-free life. Delta, moen all big brands are making good quality touchless faucet. Moen anabelle series is a good example of it. Moen anabelle kitchen faucet reviews are a perfect guide to help you to select a good faucet for your kitchen.

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6 Clean Surfaces

Regularly clean not simply your room counters, however something that you simply oftentimes bit together with your hands, akin to cabinet handles and lightweight switches. Associate in Nursing medicinal drug cleaner is right. If you utilize bleach, confirm you dilute the answer 1st. perpetually keep pets off work surfaces.

7 Keep Food at a Safe Place

Germs love concealment in tiny crevices akin to the knife indentations on your board. Wash and clean chopping boards with a food-safe medicinal drug spray once each use. Plastic boards are healthier than picket ones, and it’s knowing use different boards for various food varieties, akin to meat and non-meat foods, to avoid cross-contamination. once employing a knife on meat, wash it completely before mistreatment it once more.

8 Clean Sink Properly

Just because your dishes are speckles doesn’t mean your sink is. chances are high that the grease and dirt you’ve washed off your pots and pans haven’t all created its approach down the drain. It’s well worth the additional minute to spray down the sink and also the close space along with your favorite organic room cleaner. Wipe and rinse the realm with a sponge you reserve for improvement the sink and counters—not the sponge you employ to scrub your dishes.

9 Clean Sponge

Just rinse and compressing out a sponge underneath running water isn’t attending to do an entire heap, however, microwaving your wet sponge for one minute gets eliminate a major portion of the microorganism. Running them through the dishwasher killed nearly as several bugs. For a healthy lifestyle, Soaking them in ten p.c bleach for 3 minutes or in juice or water for one minute wasn’t far better than doing nothing.

A recent study by the great work Institute found that soaking sponges for 5 minutes in bleach was the foremost effective approach of cleansing sponges. Its study found that cleansing sponges in an exceeding kitchen appliance or within the dishwasher with dry heating were nearly as effective because of the bleach. If you don’t need to travel through all that to stay your sponges clean, keep a provide of fresh dishcloths handy. begin out every morning with a recent, dry one, and at the top of the day toss the used material into the laundry hamper.


Check food labels for storage recommendations. Keep raw or defrosting food – notably meat – in airtight containers at an all-time low of the icebox to forestall juices from dripping onto different things. If you’re batch change of state and need to freeze the surplus, cool the food to temperature, ideally at intervals one to 2 hours, before swing it within the icebox or deep freezer – any more and the bacterium can begin to breed. Don’t place food within the icebox or deep freezer whereas it’s still heated, as this can raise the interior temperature. Divide food into smaller parts to hurry up the cooling method.