A beginners guide on saltwater flies


Fishing is one of the age-old traditions that started at the beginning of the human race. It has gone through a lot of changes since then, yet the basics have remained the same. The use of modern fishing equipments like daiwa electric reel have made fishing simple and more enjoyable. In lures, Flies are the one that is most prevalently used and is known to be highly successful. Flies are now entirely made out of plastic. Saltwater flies are the most widely used kind due to their strength and easy availability. A Saltwater Fly shop contains a wide variety of options, each focusing on a specific situation. A newcomer might find it perverse to understand the different kinds of flies available in the market. To help all the newbies out there, here is a detailed article on all that one needs to know about saltwater flies.

Is it necessary to use a saltwater fly?

The answer is a definite yes. Saltwater fishes mostly hunt 2 -3 meters below the surface. They are not attracted to insects as insects by themselves are a rarity in saltwater habitat. It is not advisable to use traditional baits as the success rate is poor. The same goes for saltwater lures too, they do not provide the same result in normal waters. In saltwater conditions, the baits play the most vital role. They not only attract the fish, but they also help in pulling the fish out. A specific fly only attracts a particular type of fish. It might put off some new comes, but that is where a Saltwater Fly Shop can be of help. They can recommend the flies according to one’s needs.

Can one use the same fishing gear for saltwater conditions?

The fishing rod that one uses for regular fishing is perfectly suitable for saltwater fishing as well. But the lines and leaders are entirely different. It is because of the unique shape of the files. The line to be used changes according to the channel one uses to fish. A floating line is apt for fishing in shallow channels, while an intermediate line is suitable for fishing in depths below eight meters. The leader also varies according to the species of fishes. A more powerful leader with a larger basal end is essential for large fishes. But a small leader is sufficient if one only aims for small fishes. Saltwater salmon  is a fish to look out for as they have a taste like none other.

Do different saltwater environments require separate flies?

The saltwater ecosystem is a broad category that contains many subgroups under its wings. Shallow water bodies require lighter flies to prevent them from reaching the bed of the pond. Saltwater bodies often tend to have a lot of open spaces making it difficult to locate fishes. It is essential to use a boat in such circumstances. It is required to use a fly that can provide a long-range while on a vessel. It makes a world of difference. It takes experience and practice to get knowledge about these aspects. It is better to have an experienced person on board during one’s early stages as it makes learning easier.