A Guide to Getting in Shape


Getting in shape involves tons of different aspects. It is not just about following the perfect workout routine or having the perfect diet. All of the factors should come together cohesively to successfully get in shape. A sense of commitment is the first step to getting in shape. Without the willpower to make such lifestyle changes, one would fail at this task. The availability of options like weight loss meal delivery and online workout videos has made following routines as convenient as possible. Here are some simple tips for getting in shape that can be followed even by beginners.

Cardiac Endurance

Cardio is very basic and is part of most workouts, especially if one is a beginner. Cardio is great for building one’s stamina. In poor shape, one might be rendered breathless after a few minutes of cardio. This can be frustrating as it would prevent one from having the stamina to do complete workouts. Building endurance with cardio can be extremely beneficial. Switching to a cardio workout two or three times a week is recommended.

Muscle Mass

Ageing can directly affect muscle mass, resulting in a loss. This loss can start as early as thirty years of age. After this begins, more effort will be required to maintain muscle mass. Including weight lifting in one’s workout schedule is the main way to increase and maintain muscle mass. Muscle tissue is also more efficient than fatty tissue in managing calories. This means that building muscle can help one stay lean. Weights can be intimidating for beginners. Dumbbells are great in such scenarios as they are easy to use. One should work with the heaviest weights that allow one to complete the set in proper form. With practice, one will be able to increase the weight and start other exercises. Taking the help of the gym trainer is advised when one is starting with new weight training exercises.

Keep Muscles Loose

While weight lifting can help in building muscle, they also result in the muscles becoming tight. This can reduce the range of motion and cause pain and discomfort. It can also cause additional stress to other muscles and joints. Stretching can help in preventing tightness. Doing 10 mins of stretching after one’s workout can relax muscles and keep them loose. Yoga is also a great way to relax muscles. Most poses in yoga involve a great deal of stretching. A small amount of yoga is accommodated in the workout schedule for optimal results.

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Increase Protein, Reduce Sugars

This is one of the vital steps to getting in shape. Eating properly has become very easy due to the widespread availability of healthy food and weight loss meal delivery options. Protein is the building block for muscles. The protein intake should complement one’s weight lifting regime. 1g of protein per one pound of body weight is the recommended amount for consumption. Reducing sugar intake is also necessary. Loads of sugar can contribute to fatty tissues.

One should keep in mind that all these processes should be done sustainably in a cohesive manner. While one might feel that they are supposed to give up all their favourite foods, this is rarely the case. Almost everyone takes cheat meals once in a while. The goal is to keep long-term changes in one’s lifestyle. This can be way more effective than doing extreme routines for short durations.