A joyous getaway: why you should visit the Barossa Valley in spring 2022

Barossa Valley in spring

The Barossa Valley is Australia’s equivalent of Bordeaux, the Napa Valley or Tuscany. The legend of Australia’s wine regions, this sparkling region boasts some of the world’s most collectible producers, not to mention some of the best cellar door experiences you can find in any of the world’s wine regions.

And, now that southern Australia is soon to leave that shabby weather behind for something more, enticing, there is no better time of year to visit this convivial, gourmand part of the country.

Whether you are there to enjoy a fine Barossa Shiraz, marvel at the stunning scenery or partake in an elegant cooking class, here are a few reasons why you should visit this most hallowed wine region this spring:

  1. The wine, duh

This is what the region is famed for, so of course it’s only natural that you might want to head there to indulge in some of the finest grape cultivation the world has to offer.

The region is famed for its world class wineries, with the likes of Chateau Tanunda, Peter Lehmann, Turkey Flat Vineyards and Yalumba all offering incredible cellar door experiences in some truly decadent locations.

We’re talking actual chateaus, perched high above the lush surroundings, rustic farmhouses set amongst earthly eucalyptus trees, old home style wineries where the original owners treat you to some of their finest drops – that kind of wholesome thing!

And, what’s more, many of these wineries have regular events, so all you have to do is check their website to fill your vacay calendar full of wine celebrations.

  • The farmers markets

Anywhere there is good wine there is most certainly good food, too, and the Barossa Valley is absolutely no exception. The region is also famed for its two lavish farmers markets: the Barossa Valley Farmers Market and the Mount Pleasant Farmers Market, both providores of a variety of delightful goodies and delectable treats.

At either market you will find an array of food and other produce, with everything from fresh meats to cheeses, flowers and bread available at each stand. If you can head to both on the one day that’s a bonus, as either market specialises more so in different goods, and it’s the perfect way to fill your bag full of scrumptious food to make a delightful regional lunch!

  • Hot air balloon ride

Wine regions and hot air balloon rides are like a Barossa Shiraz and braised beef: they are two wonderfully exciting, delicious things that should be enjoyed in perfect harmony.

A hot air balloon ride above this most vibrant region is best enjoyed before a visit to the wineries, so maybe it could be a Saturday morning thing if you’re heading there over the weekend, but either way you will experience some of the most extraordinarily majestic settings this wide country has to offer.

The rolling hills of red, green, yellow and gold are sublime at this time of year, giving you an idea of just how immense and magnificent this revered part of the country is. Take in the wineries from above before setting down on land and enjoying those of which you soared above just prior – it’s a joy for the senses…

As you can see, there is no better time of the year to visit this wondrous wine part of the world, especially when all those joyful spring colours are coming to fruition. Immerse yourself in this mesmerising region, enjoying all the fine produce it has to offer along the way – it’s a true gourmand’s paradise!