A little about SHERRY DYSON



Expert in mathematics, Sherry Dyson was born in Virginia, in the southeast of the country. Because of his husband, Chris Gardner, she was well recognized. Her husband, Chris Gardner, is a well-known American businessman, investor, and stockbroker.

A memoir by Gardner titled “The Pursuit of Happiness” in May 2006. Christopher Jarrett Gardner, born on January 28, 1981, is the couple’s only child. Chris and Sherry Dyson divorced in 1986 due to Chris’ affair with Jackie Medina, a dentistry student. Unfortunately, On April 7, 2000, Sherry Dyson passed away at 50.

Life of Sherry Dyson after divorce

Sherry Dyson lived for 14 more years after divorcing her husband until she passed away on April 7, 2000, at 50. Sherry Dyson is a subject about which little is known. Her biography, which is based on the film and book “The Pursuit of Happiness,” is largely unknown.

Sherry Dyson’s family

Sherry Dyson’s family life is not ideal; she has experienced great sadness. He has another woman in his life after Sherry Dyson, which is not promising for their happy marriage. Jackie Medina is the student with whom Chris Dyson had an adulterous relationship. Chris Gardner was ten years Chris Gardner’s senior, making Jackie 10 years Chris Gardner’s junior. Chris Gardner was the father of Jackie’s child, and Chris’s wife Sherry Dyson had already given birth to Christopher Jarret in 1981. Sherry Dyson and her husband, Chris Gardner, have already experienced numerous conflicts because they frequently engaged in inappropriate behaviour. As a result, they cannot manage their relationship, and as a result of these conflicts, Chris has been allowed to file for divorce from Sherry Dyson. They were divorced following numerous disputes. Due to a negative marriage-related life experience. Sherry Dyson deals with a lot of difficult circumstances in her life.

Sherry Dyson decided to give her child a lot of love after having a bad marriage because, after a divorce, she lost hope for a good life, but she also wanted to give her child a lot of care. Sherry Dyson started her career as a mathematician, and with this career, she decided to give her children a lot of love.

Although it is a very sad chapter in her life, Sherry Dyson lived a respectable life and made many contributions to society without her spouse. Sherry Dyson cannot live a happy life with her spouse. Still, our culture allows everyone to live their lives in their way, and Sherry Dyson takes advantage of this opportunity very well. She constantly strives to improve herself, but despite having abundant resources, she is powerless.

A proud Mathematician

Sherry Dyson is a kind woman and a skilled mathematician. Despite the many obstacles in her life, she is a highly resilient woman who works hard for society and herself. Sherry Dyson experiences several difficulties in her life as a woman. But she also makes many contributions to society as a teacher and mathematician, and people appreciate what she does. Sherry Dyson receives many benefits from her professional life. She keeps a lot of records from her life. Sherry Dyson has accomplished a lot in our society as a woman, but she did not receive the amount of love she would have liked in her personal life.

Sherry Dyson married Chris Gardner, an American businessman, in a civil ceremony. Chris Gardner has a $70 million net worth. His business career brought him a lot of success. Chris Gardner has had great business success, and as a result, he purchased numerous shares of numerous firms to establish a solid reputation in the stock market. After all, it’s a good thing for Chris Gardner that he wed Sherry Dyson. Chris Gardner and Sherry Dyson were wed in 1977 and were together for a very long time. Mathematician Sherry Dyson is quite talented. She supported her husband in his business and later enjoyed successful commercial relationships.


Sherry Dyson is an excellent example of a well-established lady because she was a mathematician in the past, taught many kids, and used her job to support her husband’s business. Numerous events in every normal person’s life also occur in Sherry Dyson’s life. Sherry Dyson and her husband constantly strive to improve their marriage, but their blissful marriage is destroyed due to misunderstandings or misperceptions. As a result of this misunderstanding, detachment develops between them, and as a result, they decide to get divorced.