The Benefits Of Using ALPR For Law Enforcement


It’s helpful for investigators to get vehicle registration and tag numbers when agencies need to track down a criminal in a highly-populated area. Law enforcement uses traffic cameras and license plate recognition devices to find suspects. In many cities and counties, they installed license plate readers on officers’ vehicles to collect data and share it with state and federal agencies. Find out why these devices are helpful by reading about their benefits.

Deterring Crime in Your Jurisdiction

A license plate recognition system shows the data if a crime is happening since police officers can’t look everywhere in a single moment. An ALPR device might record license plates for later review when suspicious vehicles are around the crime scene. Law enforcement might get new insights from the data collected by the readers. When perpetrators return to the crime scene, investigators collect their vehicle information from captured data.


Tracking Vehicles Identified in an Amber Alert

AMBER alerts are effective at finding kidnapped kids and getting them back home. Law enforcement gets information whenever the criminal’s vehicle is in the area from the automatic license plate reader. As a result, officers can track the car and update the Amber Alert system to get help from local citizens. As the vehicle passes the readers, officers can update the data in real time as the vehicle passes the camera and stop the perpetrators.

Organizing License Plate Information

Licensing plate readers collect data on an ongoing basis, and agencies store it in a centralized data center. Law enforcement agencies use this data to do their jobs and keep everyone safe. A centralized database can help find vehicles involved in crimes recently.

License plate readers collect data and send it to the data center continuously. The data shows where the vehicle was and if the criminal was nearby. Officers have a better chance of finding the criminal if they are nearby traffic cameras. The license plate reader data shows a timestamp for data collection, and the information helps investigators find the criminal on the traffic footage.

Find A Perpetrator’s Vehicle Faster

Criminals hide from law enforcement after committing a recent crime. Law enforcement can find the vehicle and track its movements with license plate readers if they know what the perpetrator is driving. Officers can search the data center for the criminal’s tag number and find out where they are. These tools help investigators find criminals within the jurisdiction, and other agencies share data to apprehend suspects faster.

Improve Surveillance and Private Security

Surveillance services help law enforcement track criminals and keep neighborhoods safe. Private communities like subdivisions have their security patrols to mitigate risk. License plate readers capture information for law enforcement agencies and help cops find suspects if a crime happens.

Automated license plate recognition systems can help catch criminals. The devices capture license plate data continuously and send it to a centralized data center. Law enforcement agencies use the data center to track down criminals. Officers can enter information into the system if they know what the criminal is driving. Learn how to use license plate readers and catch more criminals.