Anker Life P2 Mini Review 2022


The Soundcore of the Anker Life P2 Mini has a compact, sophisticated appearance and is extremely lightweight, weighing only 4.5 grams consistent with the side, and slightly seen when worn. Another super thing approximately those in-ears is that they arrive in 5 different sizes of ear tips, allowing you to healthy them, especially on your ears, and ensure good stability. Thanks to their water- and sweat-resistant finish, which is IPX5 compliant, those wireless earphones also are weatherproof and may be used all through sports activities, and the slim case additionally fits below a hat or cap

Battery Life

Although they weigh only a few grams, those headphones have a long-lasting battery that gives 8 hours and 15 mins of runtime at better volumes. The Anker Life P2 Mini’s Soundcores include a charging case that weighs the most effective 39 grams, where they may be completely charged two times after which 60% charged. This means that in our testing, the overall runtime reached 30 hours. It takes forty-five mins to charge the headset. The reality that the battery isn’t always seen from the outdoor while it is charging isn’t always ideal, however, the Life P2 Mini comes with a useful quick-charging feature. This may be used for 2 hours and twenty mins after powering on for ten mins. The case functions as a USB-C connection and charges completely in and a half hours through the included charging cable. Thanks to three LEDs, you may constantly see the progress.

Bluetooth connection

The sound core of the Anker Life P2 Mini can also be used alone in standby mode and can be paired while the charging case is open. It turns on the system and automatically puts it in pairing mode while re-inserting the airspace into the case causing them to appear.

Voice quality all through calls

Voice intelligibility became good on each side when talking about the use of the Anker Life P2 Mini’s Soundcore. Thanks to the AI-assisted noise cancellation used by the microphone, street noise is also pretty efficiently attenuated whilst the user’s voice is present. The most effective thing worth noting is that there’s a slight hissing sound whilst the alternative man or woman speaks when the background is busy, however, this has no significant effect on speech intelligibility.


The Anker Life P2 Mini’s Soundcore functions 10mm drivers, which the manufacturer claims present greater bass. Built-in technology analyzes playback in actual time and amplifies low frequencies accordingly. However, those headphones are not mainly bass-heavy about loud, effective low-frequency reproduction. Instead, the effective bass reproduction sounds impressively controlled and deep. This means bass-oriented productions sound fun, and there is no rumble or rumble whilst low bass is needed.

Voices and instruments also are reproduced with attractive precision, liveliness and freshness. Even the tool sounds picked up in the background is reproduced in amazing detail. There’s simplest a slight dip in the higher register, and at better quantity levels the hiss may be perceived as a little harsh.