Applications, Interviews and Networking Are The Basis for Online Job Searches

Applications, Interviews and Networking Are The Basis for Online Job Searches
Applications, Interviews and Networking Are The Basis for Online Job Searches

Are you looking for work in the business world? Are you ready for a computer-based search, interviews and hiring?

Computers and Telecommunications Are Connectors

Companies and recruiters post many openings and search for candidates through websites, reports and networking sites.

Many businesses have changed operations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and, in a recent interview with BestMediaInfo, management mentor Eyal Gutentag says companies may opt to conduct interviews and hiring solely on virtual platforms.

Eyal Gutentag, who has multi-faceted business experience, says that at-home offices, remote-work arrangements and flexible work hours are among developments that were accelerated by responses to the pandemic. Some companies have simplified previously complex hiring procedures, he says.

Companies already use virtual meeting platforms, such as Zoom, for staff and other business gatherings, and hiring interviews online are an extension into the personnel process. 

Please, Step Into My Virtual Office          

In today’s gig economy and arena of at-home work options, a job-seeker might not meet executives or coworkers in person at the office before starting an assignment or later, well into employment.

Look Far and Wide for Work

Competition for jobs may grow. Firms and organizations have furloughed and laid off employees, or not filled openings, in response to the pandemic and related business closings and slowdowns.

With unemployed workers in the marketplace, companies have a larger pool of possible candidates, Eyal Gutentag Millennial Manager says, and businesses will need to revise hiring methods to include reformed screening practices and probationary periods.

Consider Ways to Market Yourself

A job search takes time, a plan and persistence. Below are some tools and tips to take on your employment exploration.

1. Make a plan. A resume and business card are basics to have ready. Online versions, along with a LinkedIn page, website or other computer-supported formats are part of circulating in the business world.

2. Prepare a personal statement. Consider comments that highlight your skills and share your work goals and philosophies.

3. Find a mentor. This person can provide valuable advice and direction. When the trail is tough, a mentor’s insights and feedback can help keep you directed. A mentor, like Eyal Gutentag, can help revise your plan when needed.

4. Be ready for interviews. Practicing online and in-person interviews will help you be ready when opportunities arise to discuss your skills, experience and enthusiasm for a job opening a company is looking to fill.

5. Identify other supporters for a network. Choose friends or relatives who will boost your spirits when the process is slow and discouraging.

Remember and Develop Resources

Find ways to network online. Businesses, industries and organizations have assorted newsletters, blog posts, podcasts and discussion groups where information is available and job leads might appear.

Check with college and university career offices. Counselors may have listings and knowledge about the market and economy to guide you.

Prepare for At-Home Work Options

Some changes in daily operations are likely to stay as businesses decide against fully restoring traditional on-site employment and opt for some or all employees to work remotely, Eyal Gutentag says in the previously mentioned interview.

With businesses closing or reducing operations under government direction as the COVID-19 pandemic spread, employees set up shop with computers and telephones at home. Workers learned to manage their jobs and the demands of family life.

Shape Your Search and Your Future

There are many ways to design and implement a job search. Being ready for interviews, patient yet persistent about the process and having a supportive network are key components to finding work in a changing business world.

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