Are Laptop Cooling Pads Worth It?

Laptop Cooling Pads

If you’re a big laptop user, you may be wondering if you should utilize a laptop cooling pad to protect your machine’s inner workings from over heating. This article will explore the benefits of a laptop cooling pad and whether they are worth using for your gaming system.

What Does a Laptop Cooling Pad Do?

Laptops (despite their internal cooling fan system) can be prone to overheating, especially when using them on your lap as opposed to on a hard surface like a desk. Components in laptops are much closer together than in a desktop, and so this also can create a warmer environment.

To combat this, designers have done lots of things. Making the machines lighter and thinner is one design adjustment they have made to try and help the situation, but the fact is, gamers often spend hours at a time on their laptops, and not just running small tasks that have little energy output, but really putting the device through its paces.

This means gamers, especially, are prone to having their laptops overheat and it can cause issues with your computer’s functionality and life span.  Overheating can lead to failed video cards, motherboards, and hard drives, and people have been left physically scarred from laptops overheating and causing burns.

Laptop cooling pads contain fans which actually cool the laptop from underneath which is hugely beneficial for laptops which are used extensively like in gaming circumstances.

Features of Cooling Pads

Cooling pads can have either one single large fan or multiple smaller fans. The ones with multiple fans often have the ability to isolate certain fans so not all of them are running simultaneously.

Cooling pads also have different strengths (much like a hairdryer) which allows you to adjust the cooling effect based on how hot your laptop has become or how long you have been playing.

They usually range from around $30 to around $70 depending on which model and brand you choose.

Lenovo cooling pads have a great range of features available to meet your needs, and you should consider things like adjustable heights and the size of the laptop as not all cooling pads will fit every size laptop.

It’s also important to consider whether you will be travelling with your cooling pad and laptop, as if this is the case, you may want to choose a lighter design which will be easier to transport.


If you have a laptop, you should always consider a cooling pad, especially if you are a heavy user for purposes like gaming or video creation where you could be using high processing activity for multiple hours at a time. A cooling mat will not only protect you from potential burns, but also protect your computer’s inner components, giving the laptop a longer life span. So, in short, cooling pads (for the low cost) are definitely worth it! Just ensure you choose one that will not only fit your laptop, but will match your needs as far as travel and usage are concerned.