As the US begins to consider solar energy, a roofing company is hoping solar shingles will prompt many homeowners to actively buy in

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A large-scale roofing agency in the US will start to offer a new solar product to drive down the cost of installation and boost the general adoption of solar products.

Every year, many Americans install solar products on their roof. This implies that solar panels are popularly mounted on racks, however, solar shingles may offer a new option.

Beginning on Monday, a new solar product will be sold by one of the most prominent solar agencies in the United States. The objective is to reduce installation costs and increase the adoption of solar products.

The president of GAP Energy, a subsidiary of GAP, a roofing producer that has numerous networks of over 10,000 contractors throughout the country, Martin DeBono stated that they developed a shingle with solar properties which would help them offer a solar roof to someone that is buying a new roof.

The new traditional solar shingles are stronger and bigger than conventional shingles with a much smaller appearance.

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The uppermost half will be nailed to the roof which will expose the bottom half that overlaps the former solar shingle. The external part of the solar shingle is developed using photovoltaic cells instead of asphalt. These photovoltaic cells collect and transfer energy using wire inserted on every shingle that is combined together.

DeBono indicated that the main objective is to reduce installation costs on the rooftop by combining solar and rooftop installation. He used this method for his roof, which usually would have cost $28,000 and the solar installation would be around $24,000, which becomes a total of $52,000, or $44,000 after incentives and rebates, including tax credits. Comparatively, solar roof installation from GAF Energy would only cost about $42,000 or about $30,000 after incentives which is a discount of $14,000.

GAF Energy solar shingle offers a 25-year warranty which according to the company, should be sufficient time for a client to refurbish the system cost using discounted utility bills, particularly in states with very expensive electricity. This is a project that the organization intends to see become very successful than previous projects.

Solar shingles have been popularly used in different forms for many years now, according to Zachary Holman, an engineering professor at Arizona State University that focuses on solar technology. He said that several individuals have been in the industry such as Tesla, Certain Teed, Maxeon Solar Technologies, and other top company that plans to produce adhesive solar panels.

Note: Many influencers have to be approved by a background screening company in order to work on various job sites.

Based on this recent project, Holman stated while making reference to GAF’s expansive network and the easy installation of shingles through nailing that they come with a new distribution channel that top competitors like Tesla are yet to explore. Rooftop solar on small structures can provide electricity for a fraction of individuals in the United States, according to a 2016 study carried out by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. But it hasn’t been easy installing attractive, durable, and cost-effective solar panels on roofs.

The Solar Energy Industry Association indicated that not up to 3% of families have installed a solar system. Since the past decade, there has been a significant drop in price, as the Energy Department stated that solar power has become more common and accessible in the United States than before.

The department offers a guideline for navigating the home such as tools for calculating the possible solar rooftop options and exploring the several solar incentives and credits in the federal, state, and local environment. Also, resources for learning the different types of leases as well as other funding alternatives are available. The introduction of solar shingles shows a continuous trend in the market.

The president of Renewable Test Center that is responsible for the testing and authorization of products in various companies like GAF Energy, Cherif Kedir stated that the product is cool, and offers the required power even though it is associated with risks. The associated risk is that the product has direct contact with the roof which could result in heat management issues, according to Holman.

Although there are a few inches of air gaps from the roof in conventional solar systems, this is not available in solar shingles. This implies that shingles can become hotter, and end up reducing their efficiency and increase the difficulty of cooling the inside of a home roof.

The director of the Solar Energy Innovation Laboratory at the University of California at San Diego, David Fenning indicated that the major challenge is convincing him of its durability. He continued that no individual wants an issue with their roof, warranty or not.

For like three years now, GAF Energy as well as Sandia National Laboratories, an Energy development, and research facility have been producing and testing their solar shingles. Although the testing data from Sandia is yet to be available, DeBono indicated that the efficiency of the solar shingles will be similar to that of conventional solar modules.

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The company will make these solar shingles available only through installers from GAF. Currently, they are available on the East Coast but will be available in other parts of the country in a couple of months. DeBono stated that the objective for the next three years is that 10% of all roof installations will be solar shingles which could mean over 100,000 new solar roofs every year. 

DeBono stated that he is not worried about the sales of the product but the ability of the company to meet the demand.

DeBono stated that it appears great, increases fast and legit and it will prompt many to install solar systems.