At 25, I’ve learned 13 things about life, friendship, and happiness.


1. People will second-guess your single choice in your life. Don’t make matters worse by being your own worst enemy.

2. You will have a quarrel with your kin. Recognize that you don’t have to follow their advice all of the time, but also that they aren’t your adversary. Take a breath back to remember that they are really looking out for your best interests.

3. There will always be the one college friend who refuses to mature. They are not to be envied. Take notes from them. Take that as a lesson on maturing and letting go of the past.

4. Friendships will ebb and flow. Your college besties will always be people you remember fondly, but forming bonds will no longer be as simple as taking shots while deciding which club to target first.

5. You’ll find a lot of people coming and going from your life. Don’t be alarmed. It’s perfectly natural. When we get older, our friendships change as well. It’s a fact of life, and the quicker we embrace it, the more we’ll be able to recover.

6. The mates will gradually start moving in with their significant others, marrying, and having children. You’ll get the impression that they’re sacrificing you and throwing you in the past. Recognize the interests change. Make the best of those partnerships before the inevitable occurs and you begin to drift apart.

7. You’ll place a high value on your first love. The friendship will still seem better to you than it was. It’s important to realize that this is completely natural.

8. There will still be the one person who has consumed one too many at business functions with free drinks. Never be one of those people. In the morning, you’ll always regret it.

9. There will come a point where the body can no longer tolerate binge drinking on a regular basis. It’ll make you so emotional – it’ll be the first step toward remembering you’re growing up. Allow yourself to be engrossed in the agony. It’s palpable. Then you should move on. Take that as a hint that your body is trying to remind you to take it easy.

10. Working requires you to wake up every day, even though you don’t want to. Gone are the days of college when skipping a lecture has little or no repercussions. It’ll be annoying at first, but you’ll get used to it.

11. Have a job buddy. It’s where you spend about half of your waking hours. When you need to pull a smooth one on the manager, you’ll want someone to assist you.

Nothing positive happens after 2 a.m., according to How I Met Your Mother. Still, with that said, you must also give in to your desires. It is unquestionably not the best choice. You’re on the verge of becoming an adult, but you’re still young. Before you fully mature, you are required to make a few risky decisions.

13. The ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends will start being engaged one by one. Don’t be alarmed. You weren’t mistaken when you ended both of your previous marriages.