Awesome Benefits of Math Tutor Apps for Both You and Your Child

Math Tutor Apps

Does it seem like your child spends more time glued to their devices than practicing extra math problems?

Whether your child needs a little extra support in the math department, or needs additional math worksheets to stay at the top of their class, you’ve probably considered signing them up for practice at your local tutoring center.

While those math tutors may help your child improve their skills, it’s certainly not the best route to take any more.

Thanks to the dawn of the Digital Age, online tutoring and math tutor apps now have the upper hand.

Let’s talk about the best benefits both you and your child will receive when you partner with the right online math tutoring organization.

Why Math Tutoring Apps are the Way of the Future

With the online universe at our fingertips, it’s only natural to segue this power to childhood education and math tutoring – especially since kids are so naturally adept at using computers, tablets, and other devices.

So before you sign up your child for math tutoring or hire a private tutor (read: expensive), check out these benefits of choosing a math tutor app instead:

1. Math Tutor Apps are Super Convenient

If you’re short on time and you want to read the next bestseller, you may purchase that paperback to read on your device instead of sitting in traffic and waiting in line to buy it at the bookstore.

The same holds true for math tutoring and the tutoring experience.

Instead of having to take the entire family to the tutoring center, then spend an hour of your valuable time waiting while your child receives math instruction, a math tutoring app will deliver the ultimate convenience.

You’ll never have to adjust your schedule or inconvenience another member of your family again waiting for another teaching session to be over. You’ll also save gas money and time spent sitting in traffic, too.

The less time you spend on the road or in a sterile tutoring center, the more time you’ll have with your family.

2. They Increase Engagement

Some students love doing math worksheets. Some kids just tolerate them. And most kids outright dislike them.

Worksheets force your child to sit at a desk with a pencil and a sheet of paper until they solve every problem in front of them, over and over again. This kind of rote homework has been proven to not fully engage kids and emphasize the tedium of math – not how fun it can be.

Many online math apps still offer dozens of problems per assignment just like worksheets. But because it’s a digital platform, children don’t see completing the activities as work.

You know how hard it is to get your child’s attention when they’re deeply engrossed in their devices? Math tutor apps will hog all of your child’s focus and attention the same way.

This simple shift from a paper math class worksheet to an online “game” inspires students to enthusiastically tackle math instead of viewing it as a chore.

3. Your Child Receives Immediate Feedback…

One key that makes learning apps more effective than traditional teaching is a principle called instruction at the point of learning.

This means providing students with instruction and feedback at the point where they are learning the material, rather than handing them a worksheet and then correcting the work at a later time.

With instruction at the point of learning, powered by the in-app technology of an online tutor, your child receives the necessary instruction exactly when it is needed.

Instead of waiting for the specific tutor or teacher your child is working with to respond or provide feedback, a math tutoring app provides feedback instantly.

Your child is redirected when they make mistakes so they learn quickly instead of just seeing the right answer after the mistake is corrected.

4. … And Earns Points and Rewards Just Like a Game

App-based tutoring often uses reward systems to help with math problems that modern children respond well to as a supplement to their regular mathematics course.

Gamification, or the process of turning one act like math practice into a game, means your child will be awarded points, badges, and other goodies for accomplishing certain goals, like correctly solving math problems.

This positive reinforcement encourages kids to continue working with the program because learning doesn’t feel like homework; there are no worksheets, no textbooks, and none of the drudgery of sitting at a desk just to get busy work done.

Your child will be just as eager to log on to their tutoring program app as they are to sign in and play their video games.

5. Math Tutor Apps are Portable

Since you and your child are always on the go, online tutoring apps give you the ability to take the learning with you no matter where you are.

If you’re driving from school to karate lessons or waiting for a sibling’s ballet class, your child can squeeze in a few problems in the car, created by an experienced tutor.

While math worksheets require your child to sit upright at a desk just like they do in school all day, math tutor apps let your child work wherever they’re most comfortable.

Getting help with any math problem can be done on the couch right in the comfort of your living room. Your child can do their work no matter what the rest of your family is doing. That’s better than making and trying to keep math center appointments you’ve made – and paid for whether you show up or not.