Back it up: 7 outstanding benefits of toughened glass

Back it up: 7 outstanding benefits of toughened glass

Toughened glass is tempered and compressed with cold and heat throughout production. This method provides it with greater shutter resistance and strength compared to typical float glass.

Toughened glass is perfect for use in a range of home and commercial building applications, including glass homeware to high-rise apartment windows, splashbacks and shower screens.

If you’ve been considering the optimal window glass replacement Melbourne has to offer, perhaps toughened glass is perfect for you?

Here we discuss why:

  • Toughened glass is (surprise) stronger!

Toughened glass is a type of safety glass. It is much stronger than standard glass of the same thickness, which means it can handle a bigger impact and could still hold its form.

Toughened glass differs from laminated glass in the way they react when shattered. Toughened glass – as opposed to laminated glass – doesn’t break up into tiny jagged pieces when shattered, making it safer than laminated glass and, of course, regular glass panels.

  1. Durability

Toughened glass is typically used in glass homeware, as it is far more durable and less susceptible to breaking like typical glass. Splashbacks, glass dining tables and shower screens all benefit from toughened glass as it ensures that your homeware is more safe from breakage.

Other structures like frameless glass doors benefit from toughened glass as the tempered glass is five times stronger than standard glass.

  1. It is highly versatile

Toughened glass is incredibly versatile. It can be used for a wide range of furniture designs including table tops, shelves, bedside chests and more. This heightened level of versatility makes toughened glass a very popular option for homes that incorporate a lot of glass into its design, as not only is it a highly consistent choice for homewares, but it is also far safer than standard glass.

  1. It’s highly resistant to heat

Toughened glass can withstand temperatures of up to 250 degrees and is five times more heat resistant than typical glass. This makes toughened glass far more reliable in the event of fire, making it highly practical for government buildings, schools, hospitals and high-rise apartment blocks.

Not only this, but double glazed glass can truly benefit from using toughened glass production as it provides enhanced home insulation for when things get frightful in the winter months!

  1. Toughened glass works as a sound proofer

Toughened glass contains double the soundproofing abilities of standard glass. Soundproofing glass is always toughened and tempered, providing an amazing reduction in noise of up to 60 dB. This makes it perfect for applications like music or restaurants where sound reduction may be important.

  1. It provides extra UV protection

Toughened glass absorbs 65% of UV rays, providing around SPF 16. You can also choose a tinted grey or bronze, which can further increase the toughened glass through blocking extra UV rays.

  1. It is more impact resistant

Toughened glass isn’t only a stronger option: it has a much higher impact resistance in comparison with typical glass. This makes it a much safer option for applications like apartment buildings, glass shower screens, bus shelter windows and high-rise office towers.

It’s simply perfect for the home!

As you can see, toughened glass is the best option for homeowners looking to incorporate a far safer, much more reliable glass product into their homewares. From splashbacks to shower screens, windows and more, toughened glass has quickly become one of the most popular choices for homes and commercial buildings, and this is perhaps why you should consider it for your glass replacement?