Banksy Flower Bomber Gifts – A Unique and Beautiful Gift


The Banksy Flower Bomber is one of the most iconic pieces of art in Bristol. This Bristol-based street artist started to paint graffiti on the streets of Bristol back in the nineties and has continued to go on to paint ever more elaborate pieces of art. His name is synonymous with Bristol and his works are available across the world in many galleries and exhibitions. His Bristol-based designs can be found in the London Olympics area as well as on other prominent roads around the UK. A Banksy Flower Bomber will make a bold statement anywhere it is placed. In fact, there are two types of the flower bomber.

The First Type Is Located Inside Of an Art Gallery Or Museum

In order to gain access, members of the public usually have to purchase a ticket. They then have to enter the exhibition and stand at one of the numerous workspaces that the artist uses to display his work. Once inside, all walk into the gallery or museum and admire the flowers displayed. Afterward, they can purchase a ticket and go home with their souvenir.

The second type of Banksy-Store (Banksy Flower Bomber) is situated outside of Bristol. These pieces of art are normally located on the road leading into Bristol city center. As the name suggests, passersby often stop to take a look at the brightly colored flowers. The pieces are then set on the pavement by the side of the road. Some Banksy Flower Bomber pieces can be quite tricky to spot as they have been painted on in such a way as to resemble real plants.

If You Have Spotted One of These Pieces On The Streets Of Bristol

It is very likely that you will want to take it back to your home. This is because of how these artists’ work is very distinctive. Each individual piece is usually created in just a few hours’ time from start to finish. In many cases, the entire process will be completed outdoors. This means that the piece is left outside for most of the day until it is complete.

The Banksy flower bomber is usually created using a spray bottle. Two or more flowers are then placed inside the bottle and the clock is turned backward. The spray is filled with water, which forms a sort of bubble substance. This bubble gets sprayed on the piece as it is placed inside the bottle. The process of creating each piece can take just an hour from start to finish.

Due to the Fact That These Pieces Are Not Permanently Affixed To Any Surface

You are able to take them with you if you move. You will not, however, be able to leave the location in which you originally found the piece without taking it out. When taking these objects home, there are certain locations in which you should ensure that they are kept safe. For example, you should not keep the peace near an outlet where there are small children or animals that could get hold of it. In addition, the piece should be kept in a place that is free from clutter and in a clean area.

The Flowers In The Piece Are Not Only Functional

But they are also beautiful. Each flower is made from a different colored ink and when completed, they form a unique piece of art. They have been carefully made by hand from real flowers using an electronic press. The designs which Banky has made are made on transparency film and attached to a wooden frame. The film that is used has been specially designed to withstand exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Each Banksy flower bomber gift is unique due to the uniqueness of each individual piece. They can be produced as original works of art, or they can be the result of someone’s imagination. Regardless of how they were made, the fact that they are one of a kind is what makes each Banksy piece so special. No two flower bombs are alike and they make great gifts for just about anyone.