Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy Net Worth


Dave Portnoy net worth is touching the sky since he turned the small-town publication into a fully grown established company worth $450 millions

You probably have heard of Barstool Sports for its monster internet presence and massive podcast collection today. This famous company meant to be a lot more than this. The company started its opera netion as a local print publication. The story of this company and the hard work of Dave Portnoy is inspirational as well as motivational. He himself established this publication and distributed copies throughout the Boston metropolitan area where he grew up. This how the Dave Portnoy origin story is shared on various platforms online.  

Dave Portnoy Net Worth and His Company

Starting from a simple publication to a vast grown network, Barstool Sports has covered a great mile. At the start, the company successfully proved its worth for sports gambling content. It has been proving fantasy advice to Bostonians for years. However, the turning point for the company’s fate was the year 2007. It was the time when Dave Portnoy took Barstool Sports to the internet and never looked back. 

Portnoy knew the hard work required to establish a new business into a fully grown beast. He employed all the best techniques and quickly grew Barstool Sports into the online beast it is today. Just like the year 2007, another big year for the company’s great future ahead was the year 2016. During this year, the Chernin Group showed great interest in the company and purchased a majority stake of Barstool. With this, Dave Portnoy shifted the company headquarters to the busiest city of the world, New York. Since then, the company is expanding rapidly with every passing day. 

Another recent success that enhanced the worth of the company to an astonishing $450 million was Penn National Gaming purchasing a stake of Barstool Sports for $163 million. Put short, the company worth is skyrocketing.

Dave Portnoy is a Social Media Celebrity

Living in this age of social media means to have a large number of followers on social media and become a superstar. The success of his company has made Dave one of the most outspoken sports media personalities on the internet today. Like many other names, you can either love him or hate him. But he knows well how to get Dave Portnoy Net Worth touching heights of success. 

With 1.3 million Twitter followers and 2.3 million Instagram followers, Portnoy has one of the popular American on social media. Moreover, he has his say on different issues. Just the repute of his company, the numbers of social media followers of Dave Portnoy will increase in the future. Not only this but Barstool Sports also has the No. 1 sports podcast in the world. 

Want to learn what pizza is most delicious or which one you should try? He not only dominates the satirical sports media landscape but also famous around the globe for his pizza review series. The Manhatten social media sensation has made a goal to give the people the best pizza. Now, he is traveling around the country trying and rating pizza slices online. With a massive social media following Portnoy’s rating can make or break a family business because of his huge internet presence.

Success Story of Dave Portnoy

Dave has become one of the successful Americans in sports media today. He started a small-town publication and with his hard word has made it a giant worth $450 million. His net worth is touching the sky since he started his pizza review series. 

Sum Up

Dave Portnoy is an American sports media personality who turned a small-town publication into a giant company worth millions of dollars. His net worth will only skyrocket in coming years. The massive fan following on social media has made Portnoy a social media celebrity. He is also among one of the richest sports personalities in the world.