Basics of Animation – 2D Animation and 3D Animation


If you love to watch cartoon movies or just simple cartoons on television then 2D animation is for you. It provides you with a different feel from other kinds of animation and it is quite amazing when you will watch it. It gives a great feeling because it is so life-like. To those who are not much aware, here is how animation is made and what the things that it has to offer are.

Animation in the form of drawings is something very common these days. People really enjoy watching these kinds of animations. So if you want to have your own animation, you can create them yourself. There is a lot of software nowadays that you can use for creating animations. But before you can use that software, you need to download them first. This will allow you to have access to different kinds of tools.

You Can Use When You Are Drawing Your Animations

To start with, you have to choose an image that you would like to draw on the computer screen. Then, you have to import this image into the program you are using. After that, you will be able to start creating your animation. You can see your drawing as it appears on the screen. You can also make changes on the drawing by clicking on the color box and the properties.

To be able to make your animation more interesting, you can add a lot of things to it like textured walls or trees or smoke coming out from the camera. These things will make your videos more realistic. You can also add special effects like making your character jump, bounce, or fall. 3D animation can also be enjoyed using video cameras like the Wii’s Motion Plus or the Sony PlayStation Move.

A good tip when it comes to making your own 3D animation is to make it like a movie. Think about the scene of the movie that you want to imitate. Draw the scene in paper then convert the paper into a texture. Then you can just use a computer program that can help you convert the scene into a texture. You should be careful to not remove details in your drawings because the more details you have, the more your animations will look like movies.

Another thing that you can do if you are a beginner is to take a short video tutorial showing how to create a nice animation. Just record some video of yourself doing an animation. Then you can use those videos as a reference when you are learning the process of animation. It will help you understand some of the basics of this type of technology.

After You Have Learned the Basic Steps on How to Draw an Animation

You can try looking for some online courses on how to create your own animation. There are actually a lot of online courses available. However, you should check the credibility of these courses before you buy their product. Make sure that you will get your money’s worth and that you will not waste your time and effort for something that you do not know anything about.

These are just some of the basic things that you need to know when it comes to animation. If you really want to learn the techniques of animation, you might as well start looking for video tutorials on the internet. You will surely learn a lot from them. You can also join seminars and try to practice your newly learned techniques on the fly