What Are Belong NBN Plans?

NBN Plans

It’s not a secret that Belong is a Telstra subsidiary internet provider. It was launched in October 2013 to provide low-cost internet plans. The year 2020 has been a challenging year for Australian telecoms. But Telstra has acknowledged that Belong drives most of its customer gains. The Telstra flagship started with a small group of subscribers in Sydney. Today, it has grown to around 640,000 services. Belong internet plans are affordable, simple, and reliable. The brand has received the following awards for 2020:

  • Best Value NBN Broadband Plan from Money Magazine;
  • Green Telco of the Year from Finders Australia;
  • Most Satisfied Customers Postpaid Mobile SIM Only from CANSTAR Blue;
  • Outstanding Value NBN Plan also from CANSTAR Blue.

No wonder, Belong is the most attractive NBN provider in Australia. The company offers three NBN plans – Starter, Standard Plus, and Premium. All plans include unlimited data. 

What are Belong NBN plans? Let’s take a look. 

Belong Starter NBN Plan

Belong Starter NBN plan is a great pick for basic internet users who want a low-cost internet plan. Under a month-to-month contract, the plan costs $60.00 monthly. A standard activation of the service is free and the modem will cost $60.00. If you sign up for a 12-month contract, you’ll only be charged $55.00 monthly. Both the modem and standard activation is free of charge under such an agreement. The Belong Starter NBN plan guarantees a typical evening speed of 30 Mbps. It’s somewhat a good deal because the typical NBN25 speed tier for other internet providers reaches up to 22 Mbps only. You can do emailing, online gaming, surfing online, and video streaming on one device with a 30 Mbps internet speed. But, if you’re looking for an internet plan that allows smooth SD/HD video streaming in multiple devices, a higher NBN speed tier is recommended.

Belong Standard NBN Plan

For a home with three to six internet users, the Belong Standard NBN plan is an excellent choice. Belong Standard NBN plans offer a typical evening speed of 40 Mbps. All can do emailing, responsive online gaming, surfing online, and HD video streaming at the same time. You’ll also be able to download and upload large online files. A Belong Standard NBN plan costs $70.00 per month without a lock-in contract. There’s also a $60.00 modem fee on the initial set up. If the subscriber signed up for a 12-months contract, he/she will only be charged $65.00 per month and get the modem for free. The Belong Standard NBN plan is one of the cheapest NBN plans according to the 2020 Mozo Experts Choice Award.

Belong Premium NBN Plan

This is a type of NBN100 tier plan. The Belong Premium NBN plan guarantees a typical evening speed of 80 Mbps. The plan suits a large home of heavy internet users. Simultaneously, all household members can do emailing, super responsive online gaming, surfing online, and 4K video streaming. Subscribers need to shell out $95.00 per month with or without a lock-in contract. You’ll be charged a $60.00 modem fee on the initial set up under a month-to-month contract. You’ll get the modem for free if you sign up for 12 months. 

Benefits of Belong NBN Plans

All Belong NBN plans offer unlimited data. This means that you only need to choose between the speed for each of the three NBN plans they offer. The network covers 97% of Australian households under 4G connectivity and 98% under 3G connectivity. 

Belong NBN plans are capable of HFC, FTTB, FTTC, FTTN, and FTTP technology. Remember that the length and type of cable that an internet service provider used affects the reliability and speed of your internet connection. As such, Belong having an access to the Telstra network and the use of a multi-technology mix guarantees unhampered online connectivity.

You’ll get a Belong mobile SIM loaded with an $80.00 free credit upon signing up to Belong NBN plans. It will be delivered around two to five days after the NBN plan activation. 

Belong also starts charging its new NBN plan subscribers on the first day of the next month. This means that they’ll get the rest of the activation month free of charge.

Is Belong NBN plans a Good Deal?

YES. Belong NBN plans are a breath of fresh air for home broadband subscribers. The 3-tier plans they offer are cheap enough for basic internet users. Having an unlimited data cap unties a subscriber from the stress of overage data charges. The month-to-month option allows one to cancel or switch plans without any cost. Plus, you’re hitting two birds in one – an NBN connection and a mobile SIM with an $80.00 credit. If you want to get a Belong SIM, you can call their customer support daily at 1300 235 664 from 7:00 AM to midnight (AEST). Belong NBN plans keep people together despite their differences.  This they do, by building an online world where we all Belong.