Benefits of Using Stand Up Pouches for Your Coffee Business

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Have you ever tried to imagine how it would be if your favorite coffee lay on the shelves without packaging? We can already tell you that unpackaged products will not do well since customers will not be satisfied. It is unhygienic and simply placed inside thin plastic bags, or standard brown kraft grocery bags leaves the product unprotected from external elements.

Why Are Stand-up Pouches Among The Most Popular Form of Coffee Packaging?

One of the best display packaging solutions for coffee beans is the coffee pouch.

There are several reasons why companies are abandoning rigid packaging in favor of flexible stand-up pouches to better protect, market, and sell their products. These pouches come in different sizes and can be sealed with a zip to keep them airtight.

Let’s find out why stand-up pouches have become popular across many industries, specifically for coffee products.

1. Stand-up Pouches Come in Various Sizes

Having your coffee product sit on the store shelf is every coffee roaster’s dream. With many companies offering similar products, retail space has continually decreased. Smaller packaging is ideal for products such as coffee, tea bags, vitamin packs, and single-use products.

Products such as cannabis, snacks, protein powders, chocolates, etc., are best packaged in larger pouches. If you are packaging more coffee beans, you can also get other bag formats depending on where you are selling or storing your coffee in retail. Stand-up pouches work great since they come in different standard sizes.

2. Stand-up Pouches Can be Made Using Different Materials

Stand-up pouches can be produced using thicker (hence, more sturdy) material. Pouches like these preserve the freshness of your coffee product by locking out moisture, oxygen and avoiding any tears from shipping and improper handling.

Different coffee bag materials, such as rainbow holographic film, also allow magnificent branding artwork, which is a powerful marketing tool.

For impactful packaging and labeling, the stand-up pouch made of a metallic material can help. The compostable stand-up pouches are also a great choice if you are searching for an environmentally friendly packaging option.

3. Custom Coffee Stand Up Pouches Have Extensive Branding Space

Other than housing your product, the best coffee packaging is one that allows you to boast about your brand and its features.

Every inch of the stand-up pouch is printable. When professionals handle your coffee branding, refining, and packaging production, your custom coffee bags will make your brand the talk of the town.

4. You Can Take Advantage of Versatility and Customization

From cosmetics, snacks, pet treats, coffee, spices, nutraceuticals, food; the craze of the stand-up pouch is unstoppable. There is no limit to the types of products that this package can carry.

For coffee, specifically, you can request for degassing vales, tin ties. or hang holes to further enhance the functionality of your packaging. These additions help preserve your coffee even more, and help you create specific packaging for sampling campaigns and trialing.

Benefit From Stand Up Pouches Today

All these benefits can only work to your advantage if you work with professional labeling and packaging companies. Work closely with a well-renowned printing company to develop the best form of packaging and establish your coffee brand.