Best Drinking Quotes For Your T-Shirts


Drinking wine and alcohol is more than just a necessity now. It has an impact on the fashion industry as well. Nowadays, drinking quotes and sarcastic messages can also be seen on t-shirt designs as well. The teenagers are loving such t-shirts and the designers are creating more and funnier quote drinking t-shirts with the tool or software.

Earlier, wearing a t-shirt was more of plain and casual single-color clothing. People used to purchase multiple colored tees and upgrade their wardrobe collections. But, the time has changed now. Funny quotes or graphically printed t-shirts are available in the market. The printed tees not only just improve the style statement of the person but will also be an attractive piece of art for the audience. The funny printed t-shirts can have the wittiest drinking quote printed on the same and the reader can have a big laugh on reading the same.

If you are in t-shirt printing, choose to use funny drinking quotes that can boost up product preference and sales. Likewise, there is a majority of people out there who love to make a collection of wine drinking t-shirts or wear the same. It conveys their personality better and also makes them a center of attraction among fellow drinkers.

We have narrowed down some of the funniest and coolest drinking quotes for t-shirt printing and designs. The quotes can give a better idea of how with little addition of sarcasm can make even the drinking quote funnier: 

#1. Shut Up Liver You’re Fine

This funny drinking quote is perfect on the t-shirt for heavy and regular drinkers. It is sarcastically portrayed to show that even if the alcohol is harmful to the liver and health, yet many drinkers are preferring them without worrying about health. Such type of funny drinking quote can bring a laugh between the two drinking friends or be a conversation breaker with the strangers at a party.

#2. Wine Is The Best Therapy

This one is again informative as well as a sarcasm filled quote on the funny printed t-shirt. In simple words, this quote means that even if the wine is going to destroy our body from inside, people used to consume the same regularly. So, it’s better to take into consideration that wine is the best therapy as it keeps the people in control even if that’s for a short span of time.

#3. Step Aside Coffee, This Is A Job For Alcohol

This funny drinking quote can be relevant for both coffee and wine lovers. Often people with wine love do not prefer coffee and the same goes vice versa for coffee lovers. Hence, this funny quote is dealing with the situation in a witty way. One whose desire is to drink the alcohol wouldn’t settle in for the coffee.

#4. Getting Drunk, Please Wait

The funny drinking quote clearly signifies a person to be a drinker or wine lover. Being addicted to alcohol can be simply conveyed with such a funny quote printed on the t-shirt. Such funny t-shirt printing can easily allow the person to impact the audience and make the communication flow smooth.

#5. Born To Booze

The funny drinking quote showcases the quality of being a heavy drinker and alcohol addiction. This is also denoting that the person wearing this is a long-term drinker and would love to join someone at the bar. Such printed t-shirts have witty wine memes and look classy as well.

#4. Alcohol Doesn’t Solve Any Problems, But Then Again, Neither Milk

Milk and alcohol are two completely different products in usage. While the milk is considered to be healthy and is advised to be taken, the alcohol is highly restricted and allowed to be consumed in a certain amount. Bringing them both together on a t-shirt quote or design can simply elevate the mood with a laugh. It can be full for both milk lovers and alcohol drinkers.

#5. You And Alcohol Make Me Crazy

This funny drinking quote can be the teenager’s favorite. While the point here is to showcase the love for an individual and some loved individual. Yet, the comparison factor between the two makes it a funny one. This quote is ideal for the t-shirt at a party. If it’s designed on the right clothing with the perfect design, it can make the overall printed t-shirt much more attractive.

#6. I Got 99 Problems And Beer Solves All Of Them

Drinking beer can take your mind from the current thoughts and problems. The quote used here has been included in the t-shirt message. For some of them, such a drinking quote can be highly relatable as they have started drinking wine because of this reason in the first place. Beer seems to have all solutions to their problems.

#7. You Can’t Drink All Day If You Don’t Start In The Morning

This quote is again one of the creative ideas to showcase the drinking love with a touch of sarcasm. The point here is that you can’t be a heavy drinker if you don’t start doing the same right away.


Hence, these were some of the funniest drinking t-shirt quotes to choose from. With the creative designs and the witty drinking quote, the funny printed t-shirts can be the best thing to wear. Right from making a wardrobe collection to wearing the perfect drinking t-shirt at a party, the funny printed t-shirt designs can be the most ideal choice.

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So, if you’re able to relate to alcohol drinking in such a way, funny drinking quote printed t-shirts are the ideal choice for you.