Bird watching with children

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Bird watching with children is a fun and educational activity.pure city bike reviews working together in nature is always fun. And discovering things together can be added to that. How do you go about that? What materials can you use for this and which books could help you? In short: tips to spot birds together!

Knowing which bird it is

Whichever location you choose to spot birds, it is of course so nice to know which bird it is that you see. For this you can best purchase a nice bird guide or take a handy app on your phone. Of course, a good guide must be nice and handy, so that you can take it well with you and in which you can also look up the birds in a handy way. Clear images of the birds should of course not be missing, but there are quite big differences here.

A nice example of a bird guide is ‘Bird Watching’ by Robyn Swift. This guide is especially intended for children and shows more than 100 different birds. In addition, you will find more information about bird watching, so that can also be useful! You can find it here.

Another example is ‘The Bird Guide for kids’ by Marc Duquet. Here too there is a lot of information about the birds and about spotting in itself. You can find it here.

Apps in this area are also there. You can think of ‘Birdnet’ or ‘Wadvogels’ (if you go to the Wad …). The big advantage here is of course that you do not have to drag books unnecessarily!

Online course

Maybe nice to take a look at: the online bird course of the Vogelbescherming. There are two of them. One is focused on garden birds and the other is simply about birds in the Netherlands. Not aimed at children, but by expanding your own knowledge you can also help your child well. The courses do require you to sign up, but they are free.


In addition to recognizing the birds, it is certainly advisable to purchase binoculars. This way you can see even more details of the bird or simply find birds further away.

There are two types of viewers: porro and roof side binoculars. The two numbers on the viewer indicate the magnification factor and lens diameter. 8×42 means that the image is enlarged 8x and the diameter of the lens is 42 millimeters. When buying, you look at the activity for which you want to use the binoculars. Are you going bird watching or traveling? For example, choose a lightweight, compact pair of binoculars. Safari or water sports? Then you can opt for dustproof or water-resistant viewers.

More information can be found here.

Where do you go bird watching?

First of all, there is of course the question of where you are going to spot birds. women hybride bikes now variety is fun and you can actually spot birds everywhere. To make children enthusiastic, you can already start at home. Make your garden tempting for birds by choosing greenery. And in winter, of course, you can hang bird food. Hang up a nest box! This is how you lure the birds into the garden. Together with your child you can try to recognize and name birds. Take pictures of it and make a nice book of it, with dates for example. Or learn to recognize the sounds.

But for more adventure, you can go further. There are special areas of Natuurmonumenten that are known for the birds and where many birders go. But of course you can try to discover birds at any nature spot. And if you alternate in this, you can also discover which bird is most common where or not at all. Look for the dunes, the forest, the polder, the park or: the city! Because the city is also home to birds. And really not just pigeons or cheeky gulls.

On holiday

Do you have a taste for it? Don’t forget to bring the binoculars and the bird guide with you when you go on holiday! Especially when you go abroad, very different birds can suddenly come to the fore. You don’t want to miss that. Of course, pay attention to whether your favorite guide also shows birds outside the Netherlands. Otherwise, you first have to look for another guide or another app!

Keep track of which bird

Make a list (for example, use your bird guide for this) which birds you want to see. It is very nice to be able to check this off and if you do it in such a way that there is enough space, to be able to paste a date and a photo. For children it can be a lot of fun to really get your own bird guide. And it has a purpose, because which animal do you want to see? After all, you want to have your list complete.

Make it extra fun

Of course you can make it a real expedition. Make sure you have camouflage clothing and possibly take a camouflage tent with you, so that you can sit in a beautiful place inconspicuously . Whether it will really matter is the question, but it does make it more exciting. Of course you bring some drinks and food and all your materials. The guide or your smartphone, pen and paper to write down everything you discover, a photo camera and, for example, a film option (probably both can be done with your smartphone …). This way you can capture a lot and enjoy it again at home! And the binoculars, of course.

Birdwatching hut

Do you now feel like real birders and do you want to do your thing from a real birdwatching hut? That’s possible.


Nature organisations also offer regular excursions. Pay attention to whether children are welcome or maybe you can find an excursion that is especially aimed at children. Very instructive and you can often learn a lot. Because not only the guide, but also the other birders may have ideas to tackle something that you did not have yet!

Do not disturb the birds!

To conclude: always remember that you are a guest in nature. Do not disturb the birds (and other animals) and treat nature with respect. Teach your kids this too!

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