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Bruno Encanto

The deuteragonist in the feature Disney film Encanto will be Bruno Madrigal. How tall would Bruno Encanto be?

Read the complete article to get all the information concerning Bruno Encanto‘s ages, weight and height as well as other body weight indexes.

I. The age, height, and Weight of Bruno Encanto

1. Is Bruno Encanto really old? Bruno Encanto?

  • Bruno Encanto’s age: fifty years of age

2. The height is Bruno Encanto?

  • In centimeters: 160cm
  • Meters: 1.6m
  • In feet inches: 5’4”

3. Bruno Encanto Weight

  • In kilogram: 50 kilograms
  • In Pound: 110 lb

4. Color of the eyes and hair

  • Eye color: Hazel Green
  • Hair color: Black

II. Bruno Encanto Biography

Real name:

Bruno Madrigal


Bruno Encanto

Profession Character

in Disney’s feature-length animated movie Encanto, Bruno Madrigal plays an important part. Bruno Madrigal is Pedro Madrigal and Alma’s sole son and the youngest as well as having the ability to forecast the future. Bruno had been dubbed known as the “black animal” among the Madrigals because of his unique behavior, his love with rats as well as his frequent predictions of doom. In the end, the family was becoming away from Bruno. Following Bruno disappeared, discussing his disappearance was considered a crime and the people of the area regarded him as a villain , until they realized his unwavering love for his family.

III. Bruno Encanto Personal Life

  • The date of birth: N/A
  • Birth Place: Casa Madrigal, Encanto
  • Zodiac Sign: N/A
  • Nation of Origin: Colombian
  • Hometown: Casa Madrigal, Encanto
  • Religion: N/A
  • Ethnicity: Colombian
  • Interests: His family, food dance, singing accepting by others, giving hugging, laughing the stage, performing entertainment The Casita the Casita, magic, tranquility images, stuffed animals, and pictures

Power and Abilities:

  • Bruno is able to anticipate the future due to the fact that the power was granted to him. By forming these spaces by placing a sand circle and then lighting some leaves, Bruno states that he needs an open, large space for him to see clearly. The irises of his eyes begin to turn emerald-green once the process begins and the sand circle grows into the shape of a dome. In the sand dome that is moving there are glowing visions that can be observed. They are mostly green in hue. The vision becomes clearer when one is focused on a specific area of it.
  • Everyone else within the circle will also be able see visions, which may assist Bruno in focusing his attention on specific aspects of the visions. Once a vision is completed, Bruno sculpts a substantial piece of emerald green to store the result. The glass slab which is created will display two results if the vision offers two possible outcomes. This is done by tilting it to different angles.

IV. Bruno Encanto Family

  • Dad’s name: Pedro Madrigal
  • Alma Madrigal, Mother’s Name Alma Madrigal
  • Sister Name: Julieta Madrigal , Pepa Madrigal
Bruno Encanto's Family

V. Bruno Encanto’s Relationships

Marital Status Single

1. Alma Madrigal


  • In centimeters: 166 cm
  • The meters are: 1.66m
  • In feet inches: 5’5”


  • In kilogram: 57 kilograms
  • In Pound: 125 lb

It’s unclear what Bruno was with his mother when he was younger, However, as he grew older, his relationship with his family began to decline because of his precognition. Alma was still looking at Bruno and requested him to look into the magic, but Mirabel was not able to receive her present despite this. To keep from the possibility of telling Alma and the other members in the household about this enigmatic vision he had He decided to keep his thoughts from them inside Casita’s walls, when he did peek into the future.

2. Julieta along with Pepa Madrigal


  • In centimeters: 165 cm
  • Meters: 1.65 meters
  • In feet inches: 5’5”


  • In kilogram: 59 kilograms
  • In Pound: 130 lb

It is not clear what the details of how Bruno along with his sister interacted as children. But it is evident that his relationship with Pepa declined after Bruno joked about the rain appearing on the day of their wedding. Pepa was furious over the comment, and as emotions influence weather, things began to get out of hand and turn into a hurricane which resulted in Pepa as well as Felix’s wedding more stressful than she expected. But however, when Bruno finally meets his sisters after 10 years, they greet Bruno. Reminding Pepa that he didn’t intend to let his joke get out of control, Bruno apologizes to Felix and Pepa for disrupting their wedding.

3. Mirabel Madrigal


  • In centimeters: 162 cm
  • Meters: 1.62 M
  • In feet inches: 5’2”


  • In kilogram: 55 kilograms
  • In Pound: 121 lb

Bruno was beginning to become isolated and had none contact with Mirabel as in the midst of her childhood. Yet, Bruno’s love for Mirabel is apparent. The house was falling apart and the magic was dissolving as was Mirabel seemed to be at the forefront of all this as Bruno was looking into the future following Mirabel was not given her gift. Bruno was able to keep his thoughts private, and took the choice to disappear in order not to share what the vision revealed. At at this time, Bruno had grown accustomed to being the victim of the media’s naysayers and was worried that Mirabel could be blamed for ruining the magic, and would be viewed as a snob like Bruno was. Bruno kept his thoughts to himself and went missing.

VI. Bruno Encanto Personality

Bruno is an introverted, anxious man who has rituals of superstition to ease his anxiety such as knocking on wood or throwing salt on his shoulders. He also loves acting and telenovelas . He is a jolly individual who helps his loved ones members to let their emotions out instead of keeping their emotions in. He loves the family he has and would be willing to quit his job there to protect his cousin, Mirabel. He sometimes confronts his fears by creating personas such as “Hernando,” who is not afraid of anything, or “Jorge,” who creates the spackle.

Ten years have gone by since Bruno last visited his family in the streets of La Casa Madrigal. Bruno left the place due to the belief that due to his ability to see the future and predict the most dangerous things (and that led Bruno to grow more bizarre). Since his disappearance was before the timeline of the film there isn’t much information about him. However, it is well-known that every time the prophecy was fulfilled that he did not intend to, he caused harm or anger to those in his vicinity. In the end, he ended up removing himself from his family and society in order to prevent causing any harm. He devised a sand-based practice to help him focus and manage his power since his talent made him nervous and scared of his surroundings.

Bruno continues to show affection and care for his family, despite being kept from them for 10 years, as is evident by the time he rescued Mirabel from falling after she attempted to escape from her. He quickly develops a close relationship with her. He after being convinced by Mirabel and given the green light by Antonio and Antonio, decides to investigate the future of Mirabel to aid her in her struggle. As the house falls apart He also attempts to protect Mirabel from the criticism of his mother.

VII. Bruno Encanto’s Strength

1. Precognition

Bruno is a person with the capacity of precognition. Bruno utilizes a practice that requires a large, spacious space in which he can clearly observe his visions in order to help him stay focused and handle the arousing nature of his ability. The ritual begins by drawing a circle out of the sand before light some of the leaves. Because he lacks absolute control over his powers, Bruno occasionally experiences uninvited visions.

The sand sphere rises into the air, forming the shape of a swirling dome of sand. As soon as the vision begins Bruno’s irises shine bright with a emerald-colored green. The dome’s sand produces glowing green images that contain the visions. The images don’t always advance chronologically, and they aren’t always clear about what’s going on and are open to interpretation and ultimately self-fulfilling.

But, if he focuses on specific images, his vision will become clearer. The visions might be visible to anyone else in the sand circle and they could also focus his attention on specific elements. After the vision has ended, Bruno fashions a substantial piece of emerald which shows the most significant aspect that the vision brought. The slabs continue to display the images after breaking into pieces. The slab created could display the diverse outcomes, by being designated at various angles, in the event that the vision has many possible results. To the dismay of Mirabel often, the rats in his in business perform different TV shows like telenovelas, game shows, and other shows years before they occur, which shows his understanding of what’s coming in the entertainment industry.

2. Parkour

Despite his age and absence or formalized training for parkour Bruno has a strong freerunner that can easily move through the tight spaces of the walls of Casa Madrigal. This can be explained by having spent the last decade within the walls and being aware of the obstacles. He was shown that he could move through sticks that were wedged between walls and to make it through a gap in only two leaps, without losing balance.

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VIII. Information about Bruno Encanto

  1. Interestingly, Pepa’s family wears warm hues like yellow and red, and Julieta’s family has cool shades such as blue, purple as well as white. Bruno’s ensemble is comprised of earthy tones (such as brown and green).
  2. The script of the film claims that Bruno is suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).
  3. Bruno is the sole Madrigal from the first generation not married, perhaps because of his time spent in the walls , and also due to his status in the local community as well as with his family.
  4. If you watched closely when you watched Dolores segment from “We Do Not Talk about Bruno,” you could be able to see Bruno dancing to the beat as the music played in the background.
  5. Because of his senses due to his sensory abilities, he’s the second Madrigal in the series after Dolores to show that he can open an entrance when his eyes are opened.
  6. Since emeralds are a common sight in Colombia as well as Muzo being the largest mine, and the country producing 90 percent of all the supplies in the world. The creators made the decision to make Green Bruno’s colour of the future. This is due to the fact that in Colombia the belief is that emeralds to have the ability to forecast the future.
  7. On the 17th of October which was the day that the Thousand Days War was officially declared, Bruno was born. Furthermore, it’s the time to acknowledge the diversity of Colombia’s people.
  8. Because of his decade-long stay within the walls of Casa Madrigal and his infamous reputation prior to the exile Bruno has become the one Madrigal of his generation without any children or spouse.
  9. Bruno as well as Dolores have been the two members of the family who’s doors show eyes open because of their senses. These are two of the few family members whose doors do not display smiling faces.
  10. The color green represents this Colombian beliefs that Emeralds predict the future. It can also be seen in Bruno’s dreams. This is the reason Bruno’s vision tablets are solid Emeralds.
  11. Jared Bush claims that Bruno was shy and uneasy when he was with others prior to leaving his family. While on his own, Bruno had a few encounters with rats and, by the time his departure, he had more rats than he had before.
  12. In rerouting one of the bamboo “pipes,” Bruno was capable of accessing water within the walls.

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