Bugs and rodent feces detected during food inspections in the Muskegon region in April

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Inspection findings for Muskegon County restaurant

In April, 127 food service hygiene inspections were performed by Public Health Safety Muskegon County.

This included 55 full routine inspections, 23 school reviews, 4 seasonal restaurant checks, 6 temporary inspections of restaurants, 8 establishments like food truck inspections as well as 27 follow-up monitoring.

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This link helps you to check all restaurant inspection records of the Muskegon Health Department. Here are the April 2017 inspection reports focussing on those restaurants that had more violations.  

At the end of this article you will find a description on the three forms of violations.

Chili’s Grill & Bar

The four priority violations  Chili’s Grill & Bar (3538 Henry St., Muskegon)  committed in eleven overall  violations.

The violations found in the report of 7th April are as follows:

Dressing containers (in milk), packed in ice in a non-working prep cooler of ~46–52 degrees f. It was noticed that there was not enough ice and food not really touching ice in some food containers. In order to avoid bacterial contamination, potentially harmful food (phf) should be maintained at or below 41 f.  Frozen ice is used to retain phf, there should be an appropriate amount of ice in these containers so that these containers remain submerged to the level of the food  to maintain  41 f, or less. Those dressings were for a few hours in the cooler, and additional ice had been applied, so the phf containers were lowered and the food stayed at or below 41 f. Check and track the using of the ice.

 Most of the walk-in-cooler racks (wic) were found with extra grime on the rear of the doorknob, on single portion shelf on a range in the rear kitchen, excessive debris/grime on a microwave oven handle in the cook line and excess food on convotherm oven. (NFCs) need to be washed to avoid accumulation and contamination as much as possible. More frequently clean such nfcs.

Comforting Foods

Comforting Foods had seven number of priority  violations(2723 Peck, Muskegon Heights)  out of overall  13 infringements.

The violations found in the report of 7th April are as follows:

The worker was found to deal with food lacking gloves with artificial painted nails. Gloves are to be used while dealing with food to avoid contamination if artificial nails or/and nail polish are approved. When this problem was addressed today, gloves were used. Check the workers and track for fake/colored nail requirements.

In the kitchen (close to a sink) and in the hot water closet an enormous quantity of rat feces was found on the concrete. Contraptions are in use for pest control. In such a food service business, pests should not be present. In order to eradicate rodents from the establishment, in order to reduce pollution of rodent waste, successful pest management and monitoring measures are to be implemented if pest signs is detected. Clean and track all pest signs. Seal any gaps and minimize the conditions of harboring pests. Implement a more pro-active strategy to removing rodents from the premises if new signs of pests occur.

 A worker with several big/intricate rings and many bracelets was handling the food. Must be restricted to one ring, and bracelets must be removed in order to promote the successful washing of hands and reduce contamination during work with food. Many bracelets and rings have now been removed by the worker. Check with the workers and track the jewelry usage/requirements.

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Cricket’s Pub 

There were two priority violation and totally eight breaches by Cricket’s Pub (1281 E. Broadway Ave., Norton Shores).

These were some infringements in the 24th April report:

An unopened cream jar assessed in the rear bar cooler at ~50-51 degrees f. In order to reduce bacterial emissions, cold stored foods potentially hazardous must be kept at or below 41 f. The partial cream jar was removed and then the remaining container was transferred to the refrigerator bar keg. Hold the cream at or below 41 f. Note: Should not use a cream bar counter if it is unable to sustain temperatures of 41 f, or lower.

The bar counter cooler featuring clean utensils (glassware and pitchers) and drinks has been found to have excessive dust/dirt on the interior (ceiling, condensing, ventilation guards). As much as possible to avoid accumulations and contamination, the contact surfaces should be washed. More regularly clean the inside of the cooler.

Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza (Fruitport Township 6022 s. Harvey st. ste a)  with two priorities, totaling  8 infringements.

Some  infringements in the April 27 report:

On the roof vent grates close to the office, excess dust/dirt was found. As much as possible to eliminate the accumulation and contamination, the ceilings must be swept. More often, clean the ceiling section.

The mop sink vacuum breaker was located downstream of a shut-off valve (avb). To ensure the safety of the drinking water supply, sufficient backflow prevention must occur. Shut-off valves cannot be permitted downstream of avb because they are not equipped to operate for backpressure. To ensure the correct safety of the drinking water supply, remove the shut-off valve. Notes: the mop sink faucet that leaks heavily enables the elimination of this shut-off valve.