Buy Ruby Online to Avail Pure Gemstone

buy ruby online

Ruby is kind of gemstone with pink color to blood red color. This gemstone is attractive due to its color. Ruby is naturally occurred gemstone. It is made of aluminum, oxygen, chromium. Ruby is one of the precious gemstone. Due to its beautiful color, ruby is often used in jewelry. Ruby gemstone is often found in Indonesia, Middle East and Africa. Ruby has hardness of 9.0 in Moh’s scale of hardness. Chemical formula of ruby is Al2O3.Specific gravity of ruby is 3.9-4.1. Its refractive index is 1.76-1.77. 

Significance of ruby as per astrology

Ruby is significant from ancient times due to its attractive red color. Ruby gets its color from mineral variety of corundum.

  • In astrology, gemstones are recommended as per position of planets in their horoscopes.
  • As per astrology, ruby is referred to planet sun. It is the strongest plant in solar system. It offers power, passion, happiness, energy, leadership skill, life. The sun regulates human health and decides self ego. Sun decides self projection in front of world. The wearer of ruby will achieve self confidence and creativity in personal life.
  • Ruby helps the persons in great manner, if they work in the fields of engineering, medical, lawyers, stock brokers, cloth traders. These persons in these professions will achieve positive effect by wearing of ruby. 
  • Person with strong sun shows strong personality and he will be center of attraction.
  • If in horoscope, it is revealed that sun offers strong benefits, then the person should wear ruby gemstone .Then he will get good results out of it. So, you can buy ruby online to avail pure gemstone. 

How to wear ruby

  • Take advice from some astrologer whether ruby suits you or not.
  • Buy ruby online on one Sunday during Sukla paksha.
  • The ring should be kept in a mixture of gold and copper .The weight of ruby should be of 3 rattikas.
  • The ring with ruby should be worn during sunrise.

Buying options

Ruby with red color is gemstone with cutting edges on surfaces. Ruby with red color is very popular for centuries. The durability and hardness has made ruby useful for regular wear. People can buy ruby online for safety factors. Online stores sell pure gemstones. Some online stores are certified for pure gemstones. So, buy certified gemstones online in India. There are many varieties of ruby in market. Before buying, you should be careful enough to be informed whether the particular variety is correct for you.


Ruby is precious gemstone. To achieve astrological values, you should buy pure gem stone. It is better option to buy ruby online for safety factors. Khanna Gems sells pure precious gemstones with government certifications. You can visit Khanna Gems website for details. The company sells various diamond jewelry, gem studded jewelry and so on. You can call Mr. Pankaj Khanna who is experienced for 30 years in the related field. 

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