Can kids wear wireless earbuds?


There are numerous kids that are using wireless listening devices. Be it at home, school, or in the park, they love listening to music. Well, how safe are they, and what do the experts recommend that can kids wear wireless earbuds or not. There are various concerns of customers that are these earbuds safe for children and can they wear them for a long time. However, we have been living in a wireless world where few of the kids are exposed to these wireless earbuds. So, the question posed by everyone is whether there is any health risk regarding it. Along with that, parents also limit the screen time of their children. Also, kids get assignments, and they want to get distracted from the noisy environment. So, in order to avoid distraction, they wear these earbuds. But are these devices safe?

The concerns about the wireless devices were raised in the year 2014. A number of scientists expressed their escalating concern over the EMF and all the health risks. The scientists told these health risks. However, the list includes neurological disorders, cancer, memory loss, reproductive issues, and learning deficit. This was told by WHO to consider working on strict guidelines to eliminate the risks. Although, the amount of radiation emitted by the headphones is essentially less than that of cell phones.

These earbuds are quite safe for children. There is no difference between earbuds and headphones when it comes to the safety of the child’s listening experience. However, the problem lies in how these devices are utilized. Earbud safety relies on the age of the child. A lot of children have smaller ear canals, so they cannot fit the regular ear tips in their ears. Also, sometimes listening to high volumes can have adverse effects on the younger kids.

To minimize these adverse effects, it is best to limit your child’s use to an hour at a time to give their ears a minimum time to rest and keep audio levels below the safe limit of 85 dB.

Cell phones receive signals from far-away towers, and these wireless earbuds can easily be connected to a nearby device. However, hearing to a device through wireless earbuds is safe in comparison to keeping the device close to the body. The parents must be warned to be aware of the certain time kids spend using these devices and avoid prolonged exposures.

Is it secure for kids to use earbuds?

It is safe for children to utilize earbuds, considering the combination of volume, hearing experience, duration, and the size of the ear canal. However, if you play one song played at a high volume will not damage the listening experience of kids. But the prolonged listening experience at high volumes can damage the hearing. There is no research on how young is too young for earbuds. Although, we also know that the younger the kid, the smaller the ear canals. It means the similar sound level in a younger kid’s ear will be louder than in an adult’s ear. Moreover, gadgets have become a style statement. These earbuds look cool and stylish on your ears. Simultaneously, exposure to other media can be an escalating need to have headphones for your children. Although, grooving over beats has become an integral part of our life.

There are numerous parents that want their kids to be engaged during a long drive or long flight. However, they don’t know what these earbuds are built of. The adult earphones are not ideal for children because the ear canal of kids is narrow in size, and the loud music can trigger adverse problems with hearing. Also, you can’t avoid these negative effects. Well, there are several wireless earbuds that are specifically designed for children. You can ask the children to keep the volume level within the mentioned range. You should keep an eye so that they don’t hear music or watch movies while having earbuds in their ears for more than an hour.

Adverse Effects:

There are a few of the drawbacks of kids wearing wireless earbuds. You must be aware of them while handing them a pair of cool earbuds.

  • A loud voice can adversely affect their listening experience.
  • It can trigger vertigo.
  • It may invite germs if you share your earbuds.

Hearing loss

According to the Centers for Disease Control, about 12.5% of children aged 6 to 19 have experienced hearing loss due to loud voices. However, the children that hear voices at maximum volume are at higher risk. So, you can also find out good earbuds for kids

Do kids need earbuds?

There are good sides to these earbuds as they can also help your kid progress and help their physical status. However, the noise cancellation ability of earbuds can help your children’s ears. Oftentimes, if they are on the street, they can avoid all those noisy car honks on the street. Continuous honking leads to adverse effects. So, these earbuds prevent such noises.

Any day is better than the in-ear audio pieces. In-ear audio pieces can quickly affect the eardrum.

Suggested guidelines

WHO suggests volume levels higher than 85 decibels for children shouldn’t be raised. However, you can consider that the average conversation can be registered at 60 dB. Hopefully, the query related to that can kids wear wireless earbuds or not is resolved.