Child sexual abuse (protection guide)

Child sexual abuse (protection guide)

Things that adults should protect How to teach your child not to be a victim

Child sexual abuse. What kind of behavior is known as sexual harassment? How should parents teach their children to be careful, safe, and not fall victim? Today we have a suggestion for you.

The problem of children being sexually abused or sexual harassment It’s becoming more and more common today, and it’s no exception, whether it’s a girl or a boy. or that place will look safe no matter how Therefore, child sexual abuse is no longer a distant problem. Sometimes touching a child out of affection or not? They can inflict wounds on them if the child does not feel “consent”, and most of the time the perpetrators of violence are close to the child. familiar acquaintance or family members causing the children to feel confused, embarrassed, and not afraid to tell the story to anyone The person who made a mistake was grieving.

In fact, child sexual abuse It’s not just illegal and moral. But it also causes severe physical, emotional, psychological, and personality effects. Continuing to grow up to be an adult, so Piggy dot com would like to invite parents or guardians. Let’s understand the problem of child sexual abuse. Including how to prevent this bad thing from happening to your family.

What is sexual harassment?

Sexual Harassment or sexual harassment refers to behavior or actions that infringe on the rights of others in sex. be it physically, verbally, or mannered, possibly including a sexual objective. In addition, any act that embarrasses the other party. It’s an invasion of privacy. and did not agree to cause the victim to become uncomfortable, anxious, unable to live a normal life It is all sexual harassment.

Types of sexual harassment

There are different types of sexual harassment:

1. Speech sexual harassment includes:

Criticisms of appearance, dress, and obscenities

Telling the dirty jokes two-sided story

To flirt, pursue, flirt, flirt, even though the other person doesn’t like it.


Using words to stimulate sex drive

2. Sexual harassment indecently, including:

  • reserved gaze
  • porn show or sexually explicit images
  • peeping, secretly taking pictures, in the fitting room, in the bathroom
  • display of genitals
  • Publication of photos on the Internet, pornography, video clips
  • Send a comment about your sexual appearance.

3. Sexual harassment by touch, including

Unwanted touching of the torso

indecent act (action to the body or to another person’s body, such as hugging, kissing, petting, groping the body as an act of sexual desire)

request for sex forced sex rape. If someone commits any of the aforementioned behaviors with a child, Therefore, it is considered sexual harassment of minors. and there is also a legal offense.

Child sexual abuse Things that adults have to protect!!

Sexual harassment caused by family members is often brought to medical personnel This is because abuse often lasts for a long time and has a serious impact on children. which require long-term rehabilitation. Child abusers are often people they know. able to reach the child and is often the person who the child trusts and has power over the child, such as parents, relatives, teachers, etc. If the child says he has been sexually abused To believe that it is true. Some children may be reluctant to tell when they have been sexually abused. But some behavioral and emotional changes may be an indication. which parents should observe their children

The nature of sexual harassment.There is different formats as follows.

Non-contact harassment includes:

  • opening the genitals for the child to see
  • Showing children pictures or porn videos
  • Orgasm in front of a child
  • Sexual harassment activities for children to see
  • harassment by touch
  • Touching, hugging, and petting the child’s body or genitals
  • Petting a child and touching an adult’s genitals or letting the child have an orgasm
  • genital insertion or other objects in the child’s vagina, anus, or mouth
  • Using children for exploitation
  • Using children in pornographic photos or videos
  • Using child prostitutes

The impact of sexual abuse on children

Sexual abuse affects both short- and long-term children. especially if it is caused by a close person such as a father

Effects on Sexual Behavior

Children who were sexually abused and sexually aroused prematurely Will affect the children’s behavior that is sexually seductive. Younger children may manifest themselves by having frequent orgasms. in adolescents may be sexually promiscuous

Emotional impact

feel that they are worthless

Feeling guilty, feeling that you have been involved in sexual harassment because he would probably reject or oppose Feel responsible for revealing secrets and tearing up the family. (guilt This is another factor that prevents children from telling their parents about their sexual harassment.)

  • Fear, which may be manifested by insomnia, panic, nightmares
  • Depressed by the loss of a family
  • lose self-esteem
  • lack of trust in others

Lack of social skills due to inability to build relationships with others including children affected by sexual abuse often aggressive There are inappropriate sexual expressions that cause lack of friends. If you see or suspect that a child has been sexually abused, report it at