Christmas Quiz: Why is the Christmas Trivia Quiz Popular? Best online Christmas quiz


Christmas trivia contests are popular in many pubs, bars, clubs, associations, and even churches. What’s the appeal of Christmas contests for those places to hold trivia contests on Christmas and New Years, but not at other times? The main reason is that people go out for Christmas and do what they normally don’t, and the rest of the year they can’t afford to go out much, but for Christmas …

Here are some tips for putting together a great best online christmas quiz that everyone can enjoy. You won’t be able to create a great quiz this year, but next year there will be rumors that your quiz is the best in the district. Since these three factors relate to a good questionnaire, we will divide it into an organization, the question itself, and an advertisement.

Composition of your Christmas questionnaire

The Christmas trivia quiz is no different than any other quiz when it comes to your organization. Most are held at the bar on Christmas and New Years, and you can also combine Christmas and New Years contests between Christmas and New Years. Here are some tips for organizing all kinds of questionnaires:

a) Make sure there are enough seats available for the expected participants. It is desirable to have separate tables to avoid fraud, but if you expect a lot of people, you should make the most of your space and trust honestly.

b) Prepare a paper to answer. You can use Excel to design your answer sheet and make enough copies for each team. If possible, bring a pen as well. If you can’t, you’ll need to have some replacement pens for those who don’t realize they need them for their Christmas test.

c) Establish rules for team numbers. Tested with up to 4, 5, 6, or no maximum. It makes sense for a team older than 7 to split into two, but you can decide for yourself and announce it on the poster.

d) Set the rules before the start: cheating (5 point penalty), no cell phone visits during the round, your answer is always correct (even if it is not) – for discussion Subtract points (even if they are not) correct ).

e) It is difficult to set a time limit for questions, so allow about 30 minutes depending on the question. When everyone seems to have responded, move on to the next one. If a particular question takes too long, wait another 10 seconds before moving on to the next question.

f) When marking a Christmas test, it is easier for each team to turn the paper clockwise to the next team or the closest team. Do not check all the tracts yourself. If you check it, the questionnaire will take too long.

g) I needed to make this one of the first tips. Make sure all participants are aware of the award. The bar may be able to put a bottle of wine, but generally it’s best if the winning teams get a free drink or two each, or something they can share. We also offer explosive prizes like little boxes of chocolate.

A pub where I regularly host contests offers four excellent prizes: a bottle of liquor, a bottle of wine, a free drink per team member, and a box of Quality Street or Roses. The winners will be selected in order of 2nd and 3rd place, and the last team to arrive will leave the prize money. Give a positive interest even to poor teams.

Christmas trivia quiz questions

All questions or answers in the Christmas quiz are related to Christmas and each round should be different. My typical Christmas trivia quiz is structured that way, and an example looks like this:

A round of Christmas trivia. Either the question or the answer has a Christmas connection. For example, which actress won the Oscar for winning the best actress award for “Piano.” The answer is Holly Hunter, Holly is the connection.

Another type of round could be Christmas music. Questions about the number one Christmas hit or headline have a seasonal connection. The other could be a Christmas movie or a TV show. I’m sure you can think of different types of questions related to Christmas. Nor do you need to associate them all with Christmas. If you have difficulty asking questions, you will need to associate your questionnaire with winter or the time of Christmas and New Years. You can also do 50/50 rounds. Guess one of the two answers, true or false.

Always have additional questions, such as tiebreaks, that you can add to your quiz as needed. I usually include 10 additional questions that can be used in place of the usual quiz questions or as a tiebreaker.