Consider Working with Cooper Farms To Launch a New Career


If you are looking to join a compassionate, challenging, hardworking, and friendly team, then consider joining Cooper Farms. There are plenty of opportunities available, and this is a fantastic opportunity to develop a relationship that could last a lifetime. As the business continues to grow, there are opportunities available at all levels. Therefore, if you would like to join a new team, you may want to learn more about what you might expect. Why are so many people looking to join the Cooper Farms team, and how might this be right for you?

A Company That Focuses on Benefiting the Community

One of the first reasons why so many people are eager to join the Cooper Farms family is that the business focuses on providing benefits to the local region. This includes raising money for the community. For example, earlier this fall, Cooper Farms opened registration for the Cooper Farms Turkey Trot 5K. This is a great opportunity for people to challenge themselves, get some exercise, and stay in shape. Furthermore, the entire purpose of the run is to raise money for Everheart Hospice. The community has been hit hard during the pandemic, and this is an opportunity for the company to give back to those in need. This money has the potential to make a significant difference to families that have gone through difficult times.

Summer Internships for Students Are Available

The Cooper Farms team believes that children are the future of this world. That is why it is important to create opportunities for children to learn from some of the best and brightest. That is why summer internships for students are available. This past summer, sixteen interns from a variety of universities and college programs completed internships in multiple areas of the business. They got an opportunity to learn about what it means to run a farm in the current environment, and they got first-hand experience learning about how food comes from the farm, heads to the store, and arrives at the table. This also provided a great opportunity for students to network with other people who may be able to open doors in the future.

Scholarships Are Awarded To Those in Need

It is impossible to overstate the importance of a strong education, which is why the Cooper Farms team awards scholarships every year to seniors who are graduating from local high schools. This year, close to 30 graduating seniors received V.H. Cooper Scholarships. These scholarships have been presented since 1986, and this money makes it easier for students to pay for their educational opportunities. This is one of the most important programs to not only the company but also to the local community, and these scholarships will continue to be awarded down the road.

Consider Joining the Cooper Farms Team

These are just a few of the many opportunities that are available to those who join our team. If you are looking for production jobs in St. Henry, consider joining Cooper Farms. With plenty of Ohio jobs in St. Henry available, this could be a great way for you to start a new career. You get to work with friendly individuals, and there are plenty of opportunities for advancement. Furthermore, you get to participate in a company that gives back to the local community. If you would like to learn more about Ohio hiring in St. Henry, Ohio, we would love to hear from you. Contact us today to speak to a family member of our team! We hope you are interested in learning more about the opportunities we have available.