Course Period for Fashion Designing

explore your career in fashion designing

Are you someone whose creative juices are looking for an outlet? Maybe all you need is a pen, sketchbook, and your wild and unique imagination to develop extraordinary patterns and designs? If yes, then you can combine this love for creative design with your love for fashion and take up the lucrative career option of a fashion designer! 

Wondering where to start? A formal degree in the same is a good place. Discussed below are the available options. 

Different fashion design courses and their duration 

In the designing world of fashion, the possibilities are practically endless. Like any other field, fashion design also offers you great flexibility in formal education and career. It all starts by completing your Class 12 or equivalent Board examination. 

If you are sure that you wish to get into fashion design, there’s no reason to wait! Get yourself enrolled in a reputed institute that offers undergraduate courses for fashion designing. Depending upon the institute you choose, you may have to answer an entrance examination, and the course may range in duration from 3 to 4 years. 

Once you’re done with your graduation, you have several options open for you – you can either opt for hands-on experience under an experienced designer or study further by enrolling in a Masters for fashion designing. The duration for the Masters course is generally 2 years. 

However, if you’re someone who has already completed their graduation in some other field and now wants to make the switch to fashion design, it would be ideal for you to take up a Diploma course in the same. Diplomas in fashion designing may range from a period of 4 months to 1 year, depending upon your institute. 

Once you’re done with your fashion education, you can start out as an independent designer or one who works for a local fashion brand, a fashion stylist, a fashion blogger, and more. 

What will you learn in a fashion design course?

By choosing an internationally-renowned institution for your formal education in fashion design, you will get to learn the following –

  • Sketching or drawing of outfits 

Your ideas may be great, but the first step towards materialising them is to put them down in pen and paper or a graphics tablet. Under your course, you will be taught both manual sketching and, better yet, CAD or Computer Aided Design, which is compatible with modern demands. 

  • Understanding of fabrics 

Not every fabric works in the designing of a garment. For example – you cannot create a feminine and flowy maxi skirt with denim material. So, a fashion designer must have a good understanding of how fabrics work, their texture, their usability, and more. This is also something you will learn in your fashion design course. 

  • Varying trends 

Though a fashion designer’s ideas may be original, they still need to be confined to a boundary – of social and cultural trends, client demands, and more. A fashion design course will also let you know about how fashion has come so far and the factors responsible for influencing the trends in any particular era in time. 

And more! This is just a small list that includes all the basics. Every course is slightly different to the other, and the more advanced the institution, the better will be the education. 

If you’re ready to explore your career in fashion designing, choose top-rated institutions such as the Pearl Academy. Their fashion design courses are taught by industry experts via theoretical lessons, research, team projects, and more. Start your journey today!

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