Disability Insurance for Nurse Practitioner


Among medical practitioners the disability insurance among nurse is growing with good speed these days and the reason behind this is awareness towards disability insurances. 

These days a lot of students are pursuing nursing especially females in order to get a well settled job.

But, by the time these students get nursing degrees in their hands student loan debt is accumulated that needs to be paid back while doing a job.

So, getting an advanced nurse practitioner degree itself has become expensive these days and after investing many years into this high investment study is it not important to protect your livelihood against an unforeseen injury or illness which can cause disability to you and snatch away the income earning opportunities from your life.

Why do nurse practitioners need disability insurance?

Simply imagine if you go through any kind of disability like loss of vision to paralysis which can affect your mobility and ultimately effects your ability to practice medicine then what income source or financial plan you have Which can help you maintain your living standards as well as fulfilling your financial obligations. The only way forward to such problem is to have disability insurance by Instant Disability.

Looking at the personal life of nurse practitioners most of their time is invested working in the hospitals with no fixed timing of the working shifts as well which on a longer run creates a lot of problems on their health.

Working as a nurse is certainly a challenging job where most of their time is dedicated towards attending patients. But, barely have they got to focus on their personal well-being which can lead them towards physical disability.

By any possible chance if you get disability then not only your earning opportunities will be seized but also your savings will drain away and if you don’t have any income earning options available for then financial bankruptcy is bound to happen. So why not to have a disability insurance for nurse practitioner? This will cover most portion of your lost income.

Between 60 to 65% of your lost income is covered in the insurance coverage. The coverage of mount is decided on the basis of your last drawn salary before getting any type of disability.

Which policy should you buy?

Although many employers provide group disability insurance for their employees but believe us with our experience in the insurance industry we know that it might not be simply enough for you. Reason being, that you get a good paid salary with the high school job which cannot be replaced easily. To get into the position where you are right now requires a lot of money as well as dedication which should certainly be valued by you. 

So, in addition you would need long term disability insurance by Instant Disability which will additionally supplement your income along with the group disability insurance. If there is no policy forwarded from the employers’ side then you can go on for buying your own individual long term disability insurance. Your policy will also cover the factors such as inflation which is also known as cost of living adjustment.

The waiting period in this policy is as low as one to 15 days. Few other factors like age, health status, lifestyle and habits that you follow are also considered while deciding the policy rates of your insurance.If you as a nurse practitioner care for your patients’ good healthcare then Instant Disability also cares for your sound financial health.