What Happens to Your Body If You Have Insomnia?


A person who lacks sleep exposes himself to various dangers, this is overweight in the abdomen, and a depressed state, and indeed obesity in general. How much sleep does a person need who has seriously decided to play sports or a regular person? So, insomnia is there and it needs the attention of people for treatment.

How much sleep do you need?

An ordinary normal person needs to sleep for at least 7-8 hours. It has long been believed that these figures are the most optimal and a healthy person gets enough sleep for this period of time, and some for an even shorter one. But if you are a serious athlete, then you still need more time to relax your body.

When a person lacks sleep, his immunity worsens, productivity decreases, nervousness appears, and even metabolism worsens.

Starvation during sleep deprivation

Everyone knows this lethargic feeling that haunts us due to lack of sleep. There are people who think that all this is due to a lack of food, they say they should eat well and everything will return to normal. Because of this, many people who suffer from sleep disorders usually eat more plentifully than those who sleep normally.

For those who are on a diet, this condition is familiar, because the number of calories has decreased, which could not but affect physical activity. Therefore, you should not aggravate this condition with even greater gluttony due to lack of sleep.

How much sleep do those who are on a diet?

Not so long ago, studies were conducted that proved the fact that with a decrease in sleep time of 8 hours to 5. The metabolism begins to slow down and the body, during the diet, begins to lose less fat. Everyone already knows that lack of sleep provokes fatigue, but few people know that it disrupts the production of two hormones important for dieting – leptin, and ghrelin. Even small changes in the levels of these hormones can lead to a change in appetite and provoke obesity.

Lack of Physical Activity

People with a lack of physical activity have higher chances of getting this disease. Because when we have lesser physical activity, it keeps pressure on our brain and organs which are responsible for making your sleep better. Therefore, it’s better to have good physical activity on a regular basis. Like, walking, gymming, etc. Before you go for a gym make sure you know about wrapping a sprained ankle so you get the most of our activities and avoid injuries. This is one of the major reasons for insomniac people that they are lacking physical activity and have prolonged working hours.

Exercise stimulates metabolism (accelerates metabolism) and intestinal motility. When playing sports, it is easier to give up smoking. It is known that athletes who quit smoking easier to cope with heavy loads, because they improve the supply of tissue with oxygen, which, of course, gets worse when a person smokes. So, its better to maintain this for your betterment

Lack of sleep and hormones

There was another experiment for insomnia, with a lack of sleep, measured hormone levels, this time under the scrutiny of scientists, came male testosterone and a number of other androgen hormones. As it turned out, one serious lack of sleep can reduce testosterone production by as much as 5 days. Also, a number of other androgen hormones have undergone the same thing. Moreover, lack of sleep also raises cortisol (stress hormone), which causes irritability and depression, and also contribute to fat deposition. Cortisol also prevents muscles from recovering from training.

Lack of sleep and belly fat

Many studies have concluded that lack of sleep in men contributes to an increase in body fat in the abdomen. And most interestingly, we are not even talking about genetics or another predisposition. Since stomachs appear even in previously extremely thin men. Thanks to sports exercises, you can control your appetite and also get better sleep, because of the number of endorphins that the brain secretes increases. They protect the body from hunger until it really does not need a “recharge”.

The assumption is also confirmed by the fact that lack of sleep and obesity reduces the production of male sex hormones. It may lead to obesity in the female type.

Lack of sleep and depression

There is a special connection between sleep and depressive states. It is difficult to even answer the question, what is the root cause of this disaster – insomnia or depression? After all, if a person suffers from depression, then his sleep is necessarily impaired. Although if a person already has sleep disturbance, then the appearance of depression is only a matter of time.

In addition, this vicious circle pulls the development of other pathological conditions. But the only thing we can surely control is to monitor the amount of sleep. Just do not go to bed too late.

Brain and Sleep

With a lack of sleep, we all feel headaches and inhibited thinking. This fact is aggravated by the fact that with the incomplete passage of all phases of sleep. The ability to remember and process information is impaired. The memory is also broken. Hence, it is very important for people to understand and make sleep a priority for themselves. Its all about making and living up to the habits and commitments to yourself.

Nowadays it is not just hard to maintain commitments to others but to yourself too. Because we live in a space where everything is so much jam packed and routines are so much busy that people don’t find time for even themselves.


When we talk about insomnia and sleep problems, they can go for longer periods of time due to the prolonged time of treatment. No one can escape it if they tend to keep a lifestyle. Which is so much stressful and hurtful for mind and body all the time. Therefore, it’s better to adopt a healthy lifestyle. And good eating and rest habits so we can get away with this stuff and become better and free of insomnia. Happy healthy life!