Is Email Marketing Still An Effective Strategy In 2020?

is email marketing still effective

With the rise in technology, we have seen a rapid increase in social media platforms. A lot of people have stopped checking their emails because everything is now accessible to them via these social media sites and many of them use them as a platform to promote their businesses as well. 

Because of the rise of social media, a lot of people have been seen to abandon the email marketing tactic. Is email marketing still effective? You might be thinking about it right now. To be honest, email marketing is considered to be one of the most cost-savvy and effective ways of marketing your business brand on the internet in 2020 as well. 

What Is Email Marketing?

For the people who know little or do not have any knowledge about what email marketing is; in this article, we’ll be discussing what email marketing is all about and the importance of email marketing in today’s era. 

Keep in mind that when any company sends out an email, this excludes the responses from customers’ queries and order confirmation email; it is considered to be an email marketing strategy. Without a doubt, email marketing is one of the most important and on-going segments of online marketing. 

Email marketing does not only include emails, but it includes promotions of deals, sales, newsletters that have updates about the brand, and a lot more. The marketing emails are sent to the existing and prospective customers on behalf of the company in the wake of any scandal or a pandemic such as the Covid-19.

What more? Email marketing allows the owners of the business to educate their customers with any sort of message. Keep one thing in mind that a lot of time, customers get annoyed by the emails and mark them as spam. So, don’t make it a habit of sending emails often. 

How Email Marketing Works

A lot of times, people have a single question in their mind, “is email marketing still effective”? Well, the answer is simple; yes they are. And it’s quite simple to set up and track its campaign too. Email marketing allows business owners to target local customers or groups of people.

Let’s suppose that you’ve provided a fast-food chain your email address, and it’s your birthday. You’ve received a birthday discount. Well, this is the type of marketing that increases the user experience and helps in maintaining customer and business relationships. Since you’re getting top-notch customer services, you’ll likely share it with your friends, right? 

This is how email marketing ought to work. So, if you think that you have not set up an email marketing campaign until now, you need to contact HighFive Listings right away. They have experts who’ll be sent emails to your customers on your behalf. 

Reasons Of Email Marketing In 2020

If you’re still not convinced with the idea as to is email marketing still effective in 2020. You need to read on until the end. Why? This is because we have compiled a list of compelling benefits of email marketing. 

  • It’s Cost-Savvy

When it comes to marketing your business brand, you will try to save as much money as possible. We’ve seen a change in the business’s digital marketing strategies, but one strategy has to remain constant, and that is email marketing. 

There is no doubt that email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and reliable ways of marketing a brand. It can also grab the attention of your customers if the mail has something they want or are in need of. 

  • You Can Target More Mobile Customers 

Since we have seen that nowadays a lot of people search about a company, a product, or a service with the help of their mobile phones, so, it’s it a good idea to promote email marketing now? Any business would want to find a good way to interact with mobile users. 

Come to think about it, how many times in a day do you check your phone’s notification section? If you’re getting an email from a company; you’ll open it. 

  • You Get Automated Marketing Process 

Email generation will keep on being a significant subject in the conversation of the significance of marketing. There are numerous digital marketing processes that can’t be automated. However, email marketing works well for automation. Truth be told, when you automate your email system, it’ll improve the importance and idealness of your marketing campaign. You can use triggers and work processes to naturally send messages to shoppers after they make a particular action.

  • Easy Personalized Content 

The further we get into the advanced era, the more personalization has gotten imperative to customers. As opposed to simply being served the advertisements for indistinguishable items from every other person, computerized shoppers need showcasing to be increasingly close to home and custom-fitted to their necessities and inclinations. 

  • Make Email Marketing Interactive 

As the significance of email promoting keeps on rising, so will email intuitiveness. Experts have predicted that by the end of this year, email marketing has become increasingly intuitive and will have a higher intrigue and reaction rate among different market campaigns. Email marketing offers companies the chance to give intelligent content directly to the inboxes of buyers, for a much lower cost than some other online marketing tactics.

  • Easy Track Marketing Efforts

The best way to know whether a marketing strategy is working for your business brand is to quantify the results. One more reason behind why your business needs email advertising in 2020 is on the grounds that email marketing is measurable and is anything but difficult to track after some time. That way, there is no mystery or question about whether the strategies you are using are working or not.

Bottom Line

Until now, you might know whether email marketing is still effective or not. However, if you do not have an email marketing expert on your online business marketing team, then you have the option to contact HighFive Listings; they have reliable and competent experts who’ll for sure provide you with satisfactory results.