Everything about Boxing gloves – History and Manufacturing

Boxing gloves

Gloves, any type of gloves, are one of the most intelligent tools for combat sports, be it boxing, Muay Thai, or MMA – boxing gloves are designed to offer premium protection to your hands. Experts at Infinitude believe that protection of the hands is crucial for safety. The safety of your hands is essential as human hands are relatively fragile and require protection against the constant forces of impact.

Thus, it won’t be wrong to call gloves an important part of the boxing equipment.

Boxing Gloves

Combat fighters, trainers, and athletes need first contact protection from the impact of power punches, thrown or received. The gloves are designed to have a hardy exterior, with strong and denser padding, formulated to evenly distribute forces of impact on a larger surface area – shielding the wearer from getting lifelong injuries.


Buy Boxing Gloves

Before you buy boxing gloves for your collection or your next fight competition or training session, you must know the background of combat sports and the importance of boxing gloves in them. Fistfights or combat fights are forms of entertainment and have been for a long time since the early human civilizations came around.

Boxing or its early forms are regarded as one of the earliest forms of any sport, originating from Ethiopia 6,000 years ago, and from there, it spread around the globe. Since the beginning, the demand of the society has remained to de-brutalize the combat sports or try to steer the opinion of totally banning the sports altogether.

Due to these reservations and partially from recognizing the fragility of the human body, governing sports bodies gave rise to a series of defense tools for combat sports. The boxing gloves are the best-known, earliest, and hardly ever modified examples of those tools. 

Boxing Gloves a Story

Boxing was introduced in the ancient Olympics in 688 B.C. it was from there that the earliest forms of combat protection stemmed from society records. Olympians used to cover and wrap their hands in strips of treated leather protection. The leather was treated to be hardened, making these newly-fangled gloves a choice of weapon for athletes later. The famous Roman version is considered the deadliest of its time; its name was cestus, and brass and iron studs were added to it to cause even more damage. More often than not, a large spike called myrmex was attached to the leather strips, making these early gloves a perfect tool to kill the opponent.

Boxing Gloves with Boxing

The American fighter John L. Sullivan was the first athlete to introduce wearing gloves in fights and public competitions. Sullivan regained his title of the Heavyweight Champion from 1882 to 1892. However, most historians still do not consider him the first modern world champion as all of his winning competitions were fought under the older ring rules, which did not require gloves.

Sullivan wore the gloves in his last fight, though, ironically losing it to the first modern world champion under the Marquis of Queensberry rules to James Corbett, also known as the Gentleman Jim.

How are boxing gloves manufactured?

The process of manufacturing boxing gloves is highly intensive and detailed. It needs specific codes and limitations to be followed to make sure the end product provides comfort and protection to the wearer and their opponent.

Factors Impacting Boxing Gloves Design

After the manufacturing intricacies are handled, the other part of the design criteria and limitations come from the rules and regulations of the various sports governing bodies. Like the boxing gloves USA, which are specifically designed to follow the rules of international boxing bodies and are targeted to regulate most amateur competitions in the USA. Additionally, all the Olympic competitions in the USA are supposed to have thumb-less or have the thumb sleeve sewn onto the bodies of the gloves, so boxers can’t jab each other in the eyes.

Furthermore, the boxing gloves used in international fights, like the Olympics, must come with a piece of leather that covers the knuckle area dyed in white color to make scoring easier for the judges.

The Modern Boxing Gloves

The most fascinating thing about boxing gloves is how little they have changed over the centuries. The first variants were only mitts with no padding, but now the gloves do come with added padding to a greater or a lesser amount; however, not much else has changed.

Boxing as a combat sport typically seems to thaw change and regulations. For many centuries athletes have been opposed to wearing any kind of gloves. Now, these athletes have tried to sabotage any new attempts at innovation with the gloves. The demand to remove the thumbs from the gloves has succeeded only in a few platforms. Still, the gloves have gone on to be padded heavily, and the padding materials are now denser than ever.

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