Everything you need to know about hookah


If you are just a novice with hookah, you may have various questions running through your mind. You should know several things before you get started with this smoking pipe. If you are hanging out on a Middle Eastern Street at night, there is a high chance of seeing people exhale plumes of smoke.

The smoking population in the country is around 12%, including adults of all ages, but individuals between 40-49 years are smoking higher than any other age group. From cafes to bars, hookah supplies are widely available in many parts of the country. 

You can smoke hookah Australia, but specific health guidelines need to be followed. For instance, you can smoke hookah within four metres of a seated dining area on licensed premises, restaurants, or cafes. Here are some critical things about hookah you need to know.

Hookah – Overview

Hookah is a smoking device that comes with single or multiple fittings, and it originated in India. Shisha is the aromatic tobacco used in hookah, but individuals also include cannabis. Hookahs are created using glass materials, but the stem is made of steel, and plastic is used to develop hoses. 

The tobacco bowls in hookah are made using various materials, including glass, metal, silicon, clay, and the alloy of all these materials. Coconut shells, bamboo, or lemon trees are the main ingredients in making hookah coals. 

Lighting coals from dust include other ingredients to accelerate lighting, but many smokers prefer coals made of natural ingredients. For instance, shisha made from coconut shells doesn’t have any chemical elements that are hazardous to health.   

Various types of hookahs

Check out some of the popular hookah pipes used in Australia.  

Traditional hookahs

You can explore traditional models like Indian, Syrian and Egyptian pipes made by skilled craftsmen. Traditional hookahs are different and can’t be identified by shapes, colours, or sizes. 

Glass pipes  

Glass pipes are the contemporary version of traditional hookahs made using blown or moulded glass. If you desire to smoke shisha without any background tastes, glass pipe is the right choice, and these pipes look elegant.

Contemporary design

The evolution of hookah pipes has been significant all these years, and the designers endeavour to resolve issues that smokers face with traditional pipes, including stability and airflow. Today’s pipes are a blend of traditional techniques and modern technology.

Hookah pens

You can use these pens to smoke or vape the liquid, and these are made for smokers who don’t include tar, nicotine, or tobacco. You can consider this pen as one kind of e-cigarette with which you can vape the liquid.

Smoking has never been this easy

Smoking hookah Australia is no big deal; you can learn to smoke properly without any health impacts. It is different from a cigarette as individuals inhale the smoke slowly and steadily, giving a better experience. Moreover, you might feel dizzy after inhaling more smoke, and that happens occasionally.   

Wrapping up

If you are in Australia, consider having a good time hanging out with friends and relishing your moment by smoking hookah. When smoking, don’t inhale quickly and just enjoy the experience. It is crucial to have essential elements, including smoking pipes, shisha, etc. Find a reliable store where you can get all the essentials to smoke without hindrance.