Eye Health Management through five useful tips

Eye health management

Researchers consider the eye as one of the most important and sensitive organs in our body. It provides us the power of vision or seeing any object in this beautiful world. Our world opens when we open up our eyes. But we seldom realize its importance in our daily life. Even the studies show that we are very reluctant in eye health management.

According to the WHO report, almost 2.2 billion people on this planet have blindness or vision impairment. Among them, at least 1 billion people could have avoided these conditions. In this modern era, we are continually exposing the digital color display screen of many electronic devices. That affects our eyesight. So now we need to be more cautious about eye health than our other limbs.

But the problem arises with eye care. We can’t increase the efficiency or strength of an eye’s activity through natural physical exercises like jogging or walking in the morning or evening, working out at the gym, etc. So what can be the potential solution? How can we maintain the healthy condition of our eyes? Let’s check out some tips and tricks which have been proved useful for eye health management. 

1.The famous 20-20-20 rule for digital screening

Digital eye strain has become a widespread feature of our daily life. Most of our work has now shifted online. So we need to engage with the computer or laptop screen almost all day long for our work. This weakens our eye strength. 

To overcome this, we can follow the 20-20-20 rule. It means a person has to see any object 20 feet away for 20 seconds after the interval of every 20 minutes while he is in front of any computer screen.

2. One can use a pen or pencil as equipment for vision exercise

We know that the natural exercise of our day to day life is mostly ineffective for our eye health. But we can consider a pen or pencil as equipment for our vision therapy. This exercise helps people with convergence insufficiency. The therapy processes are :

  • Hold the pen or pencil at arm’s length. The pencil or pen should be in equal distance from both eyes.
  • Try looking at the pen or pencil as a single image while moving it towards the direction of your nose.
  • Move the pen or pencil in the direction towards the nose till anyone sees it as a single image.
  • Note the pen or pencil’s location at the nearest point from the nose where it looks like a single image.
  • Repeat this process at least 20 times to identify any improvement.

3.Eat healthy foods for sound eyes

Healthy foods always help us boost our immunity and protect from different diseases. It can also play a crucial role in eye health. Vegetables like carrots are beneficial for our eyesight. It is rich with vitamin A. We know that many eye diseases like night blindness occur due to the shortage of vitamin A. So eating vitamin A-rich foods can solve this problem a lot.

But vitamin A is not solely one element that is crucial for sharp vision. Ensure your diet is full of vitamin C, vitamin E, Copper, Zinc, etc. Eggs, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes also contain a large number of antioxidants. We can even eat coldwater fishes like cod, wild salmon, etc. because they possess a high amount of DHA. This fatty acid is beneficial to the eyes.

4.Avoid smoking to relieve from eye damage

We all know smoking is injurious to health. It damages our critical organs like the lungs, hearts, etc. But believe it or not, it also affects our eyes. A recent study says that smoking drastically increases the risk of age-related macular degeneration. 

But we can resolve this by quitting smoking. Within a few weeks of avoiding smoking, the blood vessels will inflame. More blood will flow through our eyes and the entire body. Then all the eye damages will be expected to be recovered. It is a very effective way to remain a healthy person with a sharp vision.

5.Wear eye protective glasses outside the room

Last but not least, wear eye-protective glasses prescribed by an eye specialist. One can wear glasses without a prescription for protecting eyes from dust, sunlight, and the display screen’s radiation. Always ensure that your hands are clean while touching your eyes or handling glass lenses to prevent eye infection.  

The final verdict

At the end of the writing, we can say that we should try to take care of our eyes. It is not that difficult task. But we can easily lose our vision by not giving attention to eye health. We can apply these tricks to keep eye health safe and sound.