Mobile App Development: Crucial Factors & Features Affecting Cost in 2021

Crucial Factors & Features Affecting Cost in 2021

The mobile app development is expanding at a rapid pace and no signs of it getting slow in the future are predicted. Seeing the current trend, most people look for mobile apps as a platform to order food, make communication, buy products, enjoy playing games, and mobile app development has become a serious profession for many business enterprises. Several brands come across the question, ‘what is the overall cost to build a mobile application?’

With proper analysis, the mobile app development cost works on multiple parameters, and no development agency has formula to share exact estimate of app development without knowing the app type, features, design structure, unique graphics, and many more. Hence the estimation of overall development cost becomes a challenge and greatly differ as per the app requirements.

How much Cost is involved to craft a Mobile Application?

Mobile application design & development is not only about designing and writing code. The typical cost of making an app is far more than expected. The development cost ranges between total zeros to unbelievably high prices in millions. The cost depends on development stages, and it may vary from platform to platform and stages to stages. For instance, the iOS development cost will vary from Android OS.

To describe how mobile app development costs vary as per the app complexity, we’ve split into three categories simple, moderate, and complex.

Simple Apps

A simple app includes no API integration, no back-end, important UI components, simple features include email subscription, social login, and calendar. These apps take nearly 400 hours to complete and falls in the range of $20,000 and $40,000.

Moderate Apps

A moderate app comprise of custom UX/UI features, built-in payment gateway, backend server, headsets, API integration, and tablet compatible. These apps generally take nearly 500-800 hours to build and falls in the range of $40,000 and $80,000.

Complex Apps

A complex app supports third-party integrations, custom animations, complicated backend, custom UX/UI design, and real-time features. These apps take around 800-1500 hours to design and cost around $75,000 to $150,000.

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Key Factors Impacting Mobile App Development Cost

1. App Development Platform

The platform for mobile apps is based on the business model. If the client demands an app on platforms like Android and iOS, it has to be made available. With a futuristic approach, several enterprises invest in building both native as well as hybrid apps, especially for Android and iOS platform. Hybrid apps cost far less than native apps. With a single source code, it permits the application to run on different devices having cross-platform functionalities. But if user experience and remarkable performance are the priority, native apps is the best choice.

2. App Development Team

The cost of app development depends on the developer you hire. Moreover, there are hundreds of app development agencies available to help enterprises. However the pricing and turnaround time is completely different for companies. 

Teaming up with in-house app development team may increase the budget in terms of training & tools. However, handing app development to an external company can help enterprises in numerous ways. A reputed company have expertise in multiple domains and deliver excellent service. Make sure to hire mobile app developer from a reputed development agency having all resources to build engaging app. To find the right developer from the pool of thousands is a challenging task and delay your project.

3. App Features and Testing

The key reason to build a mobile app is to give services to end-users. Hence, to design & develop a successful app with engaging features is of utmost priority. Moreover, users could navigate the mobile app without any confusion. This demands for proper structuring of features. Besides the development of features it is important to test them so that it performs as per need. With the growing number of features, the time taken to test them extends the cost.

For example, a payment app involves several security features with streamlined navigation interface. Hence, as the feature advances, the cost involved in the development process also increases.

4. App Hosting and Security

Mobile apps involves exchange of data in real-time. It usually involves confidential transactions, user search history, and employee details. Any vulnerability with data means the business is ended. Thus, the importance of a reliable app hosting with cutting edge security measures is quite large. As per the business scalability and traffic density, appropriate servers need to be hired. Dedicated servers with advanced security are crucial to deliver an uninterrupted service. However, it is expensive than the shared hosting services.

The cost involved in app security never goes in vain. As the trust of customers evolves around the security assurance, implementing multi-layer authentication systems and stringent security layers are not a worthless expenditure.

5. App Publishing

Once the app is developed and ready to get installed by the end-users, you must create a strategy for the best approach of engagement. However, different app stores have different policies. The iOS app store charges extra than Google Play Store, and that’s how they earn money. The more the app gets installed, the more money the app stores take in.

6. App Updates and Maintenance

Mobile apps need timely maintenance, in simple terms regular updates. Thus, app developers need to provide regular assistance for the smooth working of applications. With the release of advanced technologies, enterprises need to customize the app integrations and functionalities. Thus, it impacts the cost even after application is launched.

To refine the apps and to optimize the user experience, enterprise-level applications require maintenance of APIs regularly. Also, resolving the bugs present in the memory is a challenge for maintenance team. Thus it needs monitoring and maintenance as a long term process.

Wrapping Up

So, what is the overall costing involved in building an app? As mentioned above, no specific answer is available to the question as every mobile app is based on different set of needs. The cost breakdown usually works on different set of factors, like complex nature, app types, latest technologies involved, platforms, and the design structure. Check out chaterbate. We hope the blog posted is beneficial for you to analyze the total cost involved in the mobile app design & development.