Favorite G-spot sex4u escort Lausanne

Favorite G-spot sex4u escort Lausanne
Favorite G-spot sex4u escort Lausanne

Our Escort Girls love meeting different men and some clients have had a favorite sex4u escort Lausanne, actually more common than you’d originally think. Many men with a favorite sex4u escort are worried that it’ll put women off them, but in reality, most women are fine with this and accept its common. A favorite sex4u escort can have its surprises and advantages though so our staff spoke to some of our escort Lausanne  to find out more: ‘I had one of my first bookings with a man who when I undressed him had a favorite sex4u escort, I was a bit surprised as I hadn’t seen this before.

I was on my knees and unzipping his trousers to give him a blow job and didn’t want to react in case it upset him. It was big but very curved, giving him a blow job was interesting to fit it in my mouth but I quickly found out the benefits of having sex with him. We were kissing and laying on the bed when he got on top of me to have sex, his penis reached my G-spot easily because it was shaped in the perfect way. I was very impressed and pleased I’d had such a good experience of being with a man with a favorite sex4u escort as I had one of the best orgasms I’ve ever had with him.

It felt amazing feeling it rubbing against my G spot and he certainly didn’t need any help finding it!’  Our second Escort Girl who met a client for a car meeting was also impressed with the advantages of being with a man who has a favorite sex4u escort: ‘I had been with a couple of men with a favorite sex4u escort before, and until your about to have sex or be intimate you don’t know so it’s always a surprise, I think a lot of men worry it’ll put me off but I’ve always been really happy. I had a car meeting booking with a new client, I got into his car and we started to kiss, it got steamy quickly and before I knew it I was on the back seat with him and he had his hand down my knickers fingering me, I was soaked, I love a car meeting as its always so exciting thinking we might get caught.

I was rubbing his crotch and feeling how hard he was but he kept stopping me from touching his cock, this turned me on even more as I just wanted to get on top of his cock and ride him. Eventually, he told me why he was worried because his cock was a different shape, I wanted him inside me and told him not to worry. I pulled his cock out and started to suck his cock, he felt so good in my mouth I wanted him inside me. I put the condom on quickly and moved my knickers to the side so I could feel him inside me. Once he was inside me it felt amazing, I could rock back and forth and really feel his cock on my G spot when I come and got soaking wet all over him. I think a favorite sex4u escort is amazing!’.

So, don’t be shy if you have a favorite sex4u escort, although our Escort Girl Lausanne may be surprised they’ll love the advantages of having sex with you and you’ll enjoy the experience even more. To book use our online contact form or phone us if it’s for a booking within the next 24 hours.